IPhone For The Battery Need To Be Rational, Change The Battery Your IPhone Is Not Up Fast

- Jan 18, 2018-

Since Apple admitted that because the battery is slowed down the iPhone led the iPhone, and announced a substantial reduction in iPhone replacement battery prices, the global Apple store ushered in a "change battery trend." Recently, Apple employees revealed that users to shop to replace the battery, more than 90% of the user's iPhone did not actually meet the replacement battery standards, in other words, do not have to change, change too fast. The price of $ 29 has dropped a lot compared with the previous one. It is not ruled out that some users, because of psychological reasons, want to make the mobile phone faster and follow suit. The original intention is to feel cheaper and save money, but in fact, it is not necessary to spend the money at all.

But how to quickly determine the iPhone in your hands need to replace the battery? There are two ways to help you understand the current state of your cell phone battery.

1, the system updates to iOS 10.2.1 iPhone, as long as the cell phone settings --- battery option to see the "iPhone battery may need repair" prompt, then you can go to Apple's Direct Store to be discounted price replacement Battery.

2, download the third-party applications in the APP Store to check the battery life, such as Battery Life software, ?, view cell phone battery loss, if the battery is depleted in more than 20%, you can participate in Apple's discount price to replace the battery activity .

As long as you are the original battery, even if your iPhone battery loss less than the serious loss of standards, as long as you require replacement, Apple will meet your needs.