IOS Battery Life Dropped Significantly After The Upgrade

- Dec 28, 2017-

Recently, the iOS upgrade will limit the performance of the old equipment, an uproar. It is 

reported that after iOS upgrade will battery aging equipment performance limits, this has 

been Apple's official confirmation.

iOS upgrade, the phone slow response to this problem, should be generally felt iOS users, 

whenever the iOS usher in a new version, there are numerous voices tell the new system brings 

slow. Some media found that every iPhone new machine release is the new iOS system when 

pushed, Google on the iPhone slow search will increase dramatically. iOS updates will make 

the device more and more slow, it seems to have become the user's consensus.

Recently, John Poole, the founder of the well-known running software GeekBench, said in a 

blog post that after the iOS upgrade, the CPU of the old device may be down-clocked and the 

frequency of running out of low scores increases dramatically. Apple responded by saying that 

the new iOS system does have performance limitations on older devices that are limited to 

those devices that have a certain amount of battery wear and tear in order to prevent the 

device from shutting down unexpectedly - high performance demands higher battery wear and 

tear The battery can not provide the instantaneous high current required for high 

performance, which may result in power loss.

Since Apple will limit CPU performance in the new iOS, does that mean that the new system 

will be more energy-efficient it? it's not true. Many users have found that after upgrading 

to the new iOS, battery life has shrunk significantly, or even twice a day to charge the 

normal use. According to a survey by Wandera, an enterprise data management company, the 

phenomenon of battery diabetes collapse after iOS upgrade was further substantiated.


Wandera surveyed 50,000 iOS devices and found that with the same device upgrade iOS 11, life 

is significantly reduced. Wandera selected the heavy iOS device and average device to record 

the decay time of 100% power consumption to 0% of the time, which is a three-day usage 

period. The result shows that the iOS11 device has a decay time of only 96 minutes and 

achieves on iOS10 For 240 minutes, the former is only 40% of the latter.

Therefore, upgrading the new iOS after the crash is not a user illusion, and the actual 

situation. Longer and longer in the Android Andrews today, iOS's new version of the system, 

on the contrary will result in life-long decline, which has greatly affected the user 


So, in order not to tell your upgraded iOS system that your battery is "used," you should buy 

a new WST replacement battery for iphone.