Innovation Makes Charging Easier And More Professional,Christmas Best GIFT

- Dec 11, 2017-

The development speed of the mobile phone can be described as by leaps and bounds, the performance of the eight-core 4G memory has become the mainstream configuration, but the battery has not much progress, especially Apple's iphone6s not only did not progress but less than the previous generation iphone6 95 mA, which not only I look at it with contempt, though, but I still choose 6s, who made the IOS system so good; follow-up to the battery after the purchase of the problem came, a little more frequent use of two times a day charging is essential, especially on business trips The machine is not convenient, but also calculated the power every day, but it has also become a cell phone cumbersome.


A large-capacity Power Bank will be indispensable to traveling business people with equipment, of course, the greater the capacity, the premise of 20000 mA, otherwise it is not allowed to bring the aircraft, while the brand is also very important, in addition to the mobile phone Life expectancy should also consider the safety; today is to introduce the brand Romas Shi, Po industry in the charging or certain visibility, here's to look at this Power Bank???

Packaging is very strict, in addition to printed specifications and site information, note that the label will be sealed directly package, which also avoids the secondary sales and other issues on the market.

Comes with a 30cm USB data cable and manual.No decoration gives the impression that very simple and generous, printed on the back of a variety of environmental certification information


A charging switch is provided to detect the mobile device within five seconds. If not detected, the indicator light will be automatically turned off. There are two USB charging interfaces in total, each with 1-2 lightning indicators under each charging USB interface. The current is not the same interface, the left side of 1A, the right side of the USB interface is 2.1A, the greater the current charging speed, according to the mobile device power shortage can be a reasonable arrangement, the small interface is sense6 charging romance micro usb Interface; Romas sense6 provides four lights, the factory for 3 cells, each cell represents 25% of the electricity.


Take in the hands of the block is not small, but also a lot of weight, since the choice of 20000 mA then do not have to care about the size and weight, pay attention to the capacity, the edge made of rounded corners, in the hands of more comfortable, overall work Still very good.

As an iphone6s users, its powerful performance if you do not play a big game is compared with this phone, you can charge iphone6S about 6 times, that is to say that you can normally use a week without AC charging, for charging if It takes 24 hours to charge from a computer or 1A charger, and 13 hours to use 2A.


The two interfaces can charge two mobile devices at the same time. Which one has a lot of disadvantages, you can choose the 2.1A interface to charge, the charging process is also very convenient.

As a big bulk charging treasure on the daily release of a bit too reluctantly, almost Christmas, and most of the field work immediately home to go home for the New Year, the journey home will inevitably play mobile phone sent in the car more than a dozen An hour boring time, and this really meet the charging Bao such people, as well as those who travel frequently business people; concise and elegant appearance, even if used in public places will not lose face.