How To Extend Lithium Battery Life

- Feb 28, 2018-

Count how many mobile devices are there around now? Mobile phones, MP3s, tablets, laptops, digital cameras, handhelds, navigators, etc. These devices are all powered by mobile batteries, and battery life is one of the most worrying issues.

In mobile phones, for example, the impact of battery life in addition to system power consumption factors, how to maintain the battery is also must know the knowledge, unless you can tolerate the replacement of battery backup or external battery, in fact, such as the iPhone even a cell phone battery can not be replaced .

Battery maintenance may have little effect on a single charge-discharge cycle, but after a long time there is a contrast, lithium-ion batteries in the use of a year or more, the battery capacity will be loss, and maintenance of better battery loss Will be much better

Before the Internet is also circulated there are many ways on the maintenance of lithium-ion batteries, but different opinions. For example, after the new battery is taken back to full 12 hours and then vent, the maximum capacity can be activated three times in a row, there is a saying that there must be a complete charge and discharge process is conducive to maintenance once a month.

Battery University website abroad once released an article on how to extend the life of lithium battery article, put forward a new conclusion on the use of the battery.

They claimed that after the experimental results confirmed that the best way to maintain lithium-ion battery is to use light, fast fast charge, which is similar to the use of mechanical equipment, the more the frequency, the more the number of battery loss will be more fast. Lithium battery depth of discharge the smaller the extent of the use of time, if possible, try to avoid the regular full charge and discharge.

For the user, your battery uses 10%, 20% is the best charge, the remaining charge at 50% of the time can be charged, but try to avoid the phone when prompted to start charging low battery, no matter what the situation is not Run out of battery. If you are away from home, try to use a larger capacity battery or mobile power.

In addition, they also pointed out that the use of the environment temperature has an impact on battery life, too high (30 ℃) or too low temperature will have a loss of battery life. For example, often connected to adapter power laptop, it is best to remove the battery, in fact, this is not charging will damage the battery because the battery is no longer charged after charging, but the laptop is not in use at the bottom of the ventilation The situation will make the temperature overheating, this is the real life impact of the culprit. Of course, if there is a good environment for use or cooling base, the battery can be in the power outage to avoid unsaved data loss.