How To Choose The Material Of Fast Charging Power Bank Housing?

- Oct 14, 2017-

Large capacity smart phones, tablet PCs and other digital products are becoming more and more popular in our daily lives, which also directly lead to the development of power bank (fast charging power bank). Many people are now accustomed to carrying a fast charging power bank in their own bag so as to charge for digital devices at any time. Its features of small and light weight for us to provides great convenience to us.


1. the material of fast charging power bank housing in the current market


The housing of the fast charging power bank makes our first impression of the fast charging power bank in the purchase of products. The housing can also protect the batteries and the circuit board from being damaged in daily usage.


Currently on the market, the housing of fast charging power bank can basically be divided into two categories: metal and plastic. Considering cost and convenience, most of the fast charging power banks on the market nowadays use light-weight, cheap, beautiful and easy-processed plastic housing. Whats more, most material of them are ABS or ABS / PC plastic, which has characteristics of impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, good surface gloss, etc. It not only is easy to be painted, but also can be surface sputtering, plating and taking other operations.


2. Current situation of flame retardant performance of fast charging power bank housing on the market


However, when we search the fast charging power bank plastic housing on line , we can find that the quality of the product varies, with the price from about five or six cents to seven or eight yuan. The most important difference lies in the material's flame retardant performance. Fast charging power bank housing, which have good flame retardant performance, is not prone to self-extinguish after the spontaneous combustion.


Previously there were fire resistance test on 12 kinds of common fast charging power bank housing on the market, and found that nearly half of them is flammable material, and some even burned into fires that needs to be artificially put out, which is really horrible. Good fast charging power bank housing is not afraid of fire. As the last barrier to prevent the spontaneous combustion of batteries, the importance of flame-retardant fast charging power bank housing is self-evident.


3. The key to the safety of the fast charging power bank housing lies on the flame retardant material


PC / ABS has been widely used in fast charging power bank housing because of its good impact resistance, heat resistance and surface gloss, but there still exists huge security risk. There are Benzene Ring in main chain of PC, which can be condensed into aromatic carbon in combustion. It can self-extinguish, but there will be a lot of melt during the burning;


When ABS is burning, it will produce strong black smoke and choking smell, the melt of  burning will lead to the burning of the surrounding clothing, flooring, purses and other items, which may lead to greater fire. And the strong black smoke and smell will directly lead to death from suffocation of people, so there are great potential of security.


Although flame-retardant PC / ABS have been developed, there are still some deficiencies in the application and it is difficult to be widely applied to the housing of the fast charging power bank due to higher costs and lower levels of flame-retardant. More importantly, the Fast charging power bank national standard being drafted must have strict standards in the fire-retardant properties of the housing. Once promulgated, PC/ ABS which is substandard in fire-retardant properties will be eliminated by the market. The material of the next generation of power bank housing is really worth to be concerned by power bank housing manufacturers and modified plastic manufacturers.


4. Is flame retardant PP the first choice for the next generation fast charging power bank housings?


Flame retardant PP has excellent flame retardant properties, and have more competitive price and is more environmentally friendly. It has successfully replaced flame retardant ABS products in the application areas such as plug row, wall switch and smart home.


Compared to other flame retardant products, flame retardant PP has higher GWFI and CTI, and can protect electrical appliances from fire breakout or electric leakage more effectively. Even if its combusting, it will not cause drops of combustion or strong black smoke. In addition, the flame retardant PP products have good colorability and can enhance the quality of the product appearance as a whole. To a certain extent, it can replace the spray process.


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