How To Charge Your Replacement Phone Battery

- Nov 10, 2017-

1. For the first time, it is better to fully charge the cell phone

    Many people think that the first thing after you buy a cell phone is to fully charge it. Actually the best working condition for smart phone replacement phone battery is 40% -80% power. Most phones coming from the factory have 50% electricity. So, there is no hurry to fully charge it.

2. There is a maximum for charging times

    It is said that batteries have a fixed number of charging times. If it’s too many times, it will speed up the replacement phone battery loss.

    What I want to say is that the charging times for lithium replacement phone battery refers to the number of full charge and discharge, so charge when it has no power, don’t worry.

3. Charging overnight would do damage to the replacement phone battery

    Most smart phones are now smart enough to know when the replacement phone battery is full and would stop charging automatically.

    However, the cell phone may get "angry" if charged all night, especially when the voltage is unstable, it may cause the device spontaneous combustion.

4. Putting the replacement phone battery in the refrigerator can prolong the battery life

    Some people try to put the replacement phone battery into the freezer, thinking about using the battery for a while, but this does not work.

    In fact, lithium-ion batteries will be adversely affected by "hot" and "cold". Room temperature is the best temperature for smart phone batteries.

    The cell phone already generates heat when they're running, so do not give it extra calories. Cold are also enemies for lithium-ion batteries.

    In addition, it is better to keep the device in a well-ventilated area. Do not put the phone in a sealed plastic bag while climbing, although this will prevent the phone from getting into the water, sealing it up will affect the phone and the replacement phone battery. We also need to remember that compared to cold, heat would do more damage to the battery.

5. Internet consume much power of the replacement phone battery

    Internet replacement phone battery consumption mainly depends on what you do in the Internet, if you are browsing the general website, that’s alright. But, if you watch videos on the website, play online games, or do other activities involving a lot of graphics, then the battery consumes energy quickly. Games consume most of the phone battery power. The graphics engine is actually a big energy-consuming system.
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