How Long Can Mobile Phone Portable External Battery Charger Be Used? Apple Replies Officially!

- Nov 22, 2017-

How long is Apple portable external battery charger’s using life? As for the using life, it’s just like the using experience, different people have different opinions. It seems that there is no definition and standard. Some people would replace a new one every year, feeling that the phone has been unbearable for one year; some people’s mobile phone might be short lived because of frequent shake or fell; some people still use the iPhone4 for several years , and don’t think there is anything wrong.

If take the fact that the iPhone can start up normally as the standard, then the iPhone 4 in 2010 are still very strong and can sustain quite a few years if been well maintained. While if we take meeting the normal use and experience as the premise, then the iPhone's life can be measured with quantified standard.

Now the life of the cell phone portable external battery charger life is generally about 500 times. With the increase of the battery charging times, the external battery charger performance decay rapidly. As IPhone mobile phone replacement battery charger is inserted in the phone, if we have to replace it, we must ask the professionals to disassembling. If you do not consider to replace the portable battery, then the life expectancy of an iPhone would be around a year and a half.

After a year and a half later, the electricity of the phone portable external battery charger can not last for half a day, let alone lasting for one day. Seeing the power decline at a visible rate of straight-line, it simply drives people crazy. In addition, because it’s old device, component aging loss is also one of the sharp decline in the using experience. And generally the phone can not be compatible with the new APP, if you do not replace the device, it means that you can only use the old APP, and can not experience the new functions.

Apple's official explanation about iPhone life

As for iPhone life, or as for the problem about the service cycle of Apple products, Apple has made explanation in its official website. Apple estimates that the average life expectancy for iOS products is three years, while OS X and tvOS devices have a slightly longer life span of four years.

The specific answer is as follows: "We measured the product usage rate in a simulated scenario and each one had a different daily usage pattern: OS X and tvOS devices have a durable year of 4 years, and iOS and watchOS devices have a life span of 3 year ".
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