How Fun Is ZEPETO?

- Dec 06, 2018-

Recently, a social application ZEPETO suddenly burst into red. We must know that the market in the social field has already been captured by the major giants. It is not an easy task to engage in rain in this area. Many friends who have experienced ZEPETO feel that this feature of the application is magic, so what is the actual experience? Let's take a look at it.

ZEPETO is currently available in iOS and Android and is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. Its login method is still considered in the domestic situation, support for using WeChat login, you can use without registration, which is very good.

The magic of ZEPETO can be experienced at the beginning - it will shoot your face with the camera and then generate a 3D cartoon villain image for you. This 3D image can customize the appearance of hair, eyes, skin color, etc., and can also wear a variety of costumes - this is how it looks like the QQ show of the year. But the magic of ZEPETO is that it uses the image generated by the camera to be very similar to you. This cartoon villain can still do all kinds of movements, but it is quite sensational.

What needs to be explained here is that your 3D cartoon image wants to customize the shape, so many things have to be spent to buy, such as certain hairstyles, certain accessories, certain clothing and footwear. Moreover, these costumes are also very interesting. For example, even if you set the gender to be male, you can actually wear women's clothing, and it is easy to get results. In addition to setting the appearance of the characters, you can also add backgrounds, etc., which need to be purchased with gold coins.

It seems that the core gameplay of this ZEPETO is really similar to the QQ show. I don’t think that the gadgets of many years ago are now popular again. Of course, overall, ZEPETO's 3D show is much more refined, and because of the 3D features, the gameplay is more diverse, as we will mention below.

ZEPETO is a social application, and naturally there is no social function. You can set a nickname in ZEPETO, but adding a friend is not based on this nickname. ZEPETO will generate a code for you. You need to add a friend based on this code or add it. The app itself does not explain this. It is somewhat uncomfortable when you first get started.

Once you have added a friend, you can start chatting. Another magical aspect of ZEPETO is reflected here – the expression packs are all generated with your 3D image, playing with a feeling of ecstasy.

There are other 3D image games for ZEPETO. For example, when you have done a 3D image, you can generate related photos, not only can you take photos alone, but also take photos with your friends! ZEPETO itself provides a lot of postures and props, such as a single person can take photos with the puppets, doubles can put a variety of lovers poses, etc., and these photos have become a rich material to share in the circle of friends. Similarly, there is no set limit for these poses. It is possible to put a couple poses together with two boys or girls, and the comedy effect is full.

So is ZEPETO capable of becoming the next social giant? Although it once surpassed WeChat in the download list, the author believes that the conclusion is premature. At present, the basic skills of ZEPETO are not strong. Its gameplay is relatively novel, but it can continue to bring freshness and it takes time to test. In general, if you want to play 3D avatar show, this ZEPETO social app is worth playing.