Hong Kong Airport Explosion Again, Hidden Danger Of Cell Phone Battery Pack?

- Nov 07, 2017-

Just now, we learn that, at about 5 pm yesterday (November 4), there was an explosion in Hong Kong Airport cargo terminal again!


    According to the staff at the airport cargo terminal, at first they heard a loud noise, and then suddenly the goods caught fire and smoking! It is suspected that one of the air cargo containers caused the explosion!


    Soon after fire brigade sent 2 teams to the accident scene to put off the fire. Fortunately the staffs are evacuated in time, so there are no casualties!

    About 1 hour latter the fire was extinguished, then the case which caused the accident was removed from the cargo to accept inspection. The reason of the fire is to be further investigated!

    However, according to the reflect of a number of people in the accident scene, this accident is due to the explosion of Hong Kong 7L PMC13047ZP!

    Many industry insiders pointed out that this incident happened in less than a month from the last (October 9) Hong Kong plane explosion. It is most likely that some logistics companies conceal or redistribute dangerous goods with cell phone battery pack in the arrival of the high season!

     Fortunately, the explosion occurred in the cargo terminal. If the explosion happened after the dangerous goods board the plane, the consequences could be disastrous!

    Industry insiders analyze that this explosion will have adverse effects. A large number of exporters which are busy in this rush season may be influence. Hong Kong airports and airlines may upgrade the rigorous investigation for the cell phone battery pack cargo and other dangerous goods!


    We deeply hope that the export and logistics companies can learn from this accident and take precautionary measures to eliminate similar irresponsible behavior, strictly controlling the shipment of dangerous goods with cell phone battery pack!

    Further reading, the following is the Hong Kong Airport Apron Explosion scene on October 9.

cell phone battery pack

    The flight AA192 of American Airlines whose original scheduled departure time is 6:10 pm to Los Angeles. When parking at the apron at 5 o'clock, the goods near the tail of the cargo caught fire and rapidly spread, passenger aircraft has also been affected. During the fire, there were staff accidentally injured when they escaped. The fireman heard the news and arrived, quickly extinguished the fire, currently the cause of the fire is investigated.

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