High Cost-effective Power Bank That Cost Less Than USD20

- Sep 20, 2017-

Recommend good things without interest

Some friends ask me to recommend external power for mobile phone, so I take a little time to make a conclusion about power bank in the marker and write down this passage. I has search the market and study all the power bank that sold in Chinese market.Finally I find out "the most" cost-effective power bank. Every thing I recommend is my favorite, and each was bought with my own money and has been used by myself. Hope this passage would help you.


Is a power bank or charger necessary for you?

There is a funny saying on the internet: a good husband is always using iPhone, because the iPhone needs to be charged after a working day.I have no idea if a power bank or charger is a must for you.As for me, I have to charge my iPhone 7 twice a day. The capacity of iPhone 7 is about 1700mah, which is quite small. Compared with android mobiles, the capacity under 3000mah is called small capacity. Under this situation, a power bank seems rather important. Some of my friends use power bank of poor quality, which would cause phone battery expansion. Some of my friends use data lines without MFI certification to charge their phone, which make mobile IC broken directly. I believe many friend have encountered the above similar phenomenon. In my opinion, get far away from inferior power bank and data line without MFI is to choose safety.


The most powerful domestic power bank - WST WP-926.

Few month ago, I bought a REM power bank but its power lasts for less than 2 hours, thus I have to look for a new one. You cannot bear to take a brick outside everyday? And you cannot bear tangled data lines with a power bank? Then lets have a look at the features of WST WP-926 power bank.

First,Its real capacity is 1000mah. Even some power banks capacity is 20000mah, their real percent of conversion is low thus their cruising power is not stronger than WST WP-926.

Second, WST WP-926 power bank is with built-in data lines that is compatible for both iPhone and android smart phones. Thats to say, if you choose WST WP-926, there is no need for your to bring any other data lines.

Third, it weighs only 230g, and its size is 140*73*13mm. It looks very slim and convenient to bring outside. Thats to say, if you choose WST WP-926, there is no need for your to bring a brick every day.


Actually,The quality of a portable mobile power mainly depends on the energy conversion rate. High-quality portable mobile power conversion efficiency is up to 80%, and the average of normal power bank is about 70 to 75%, while the average of poor-quality power bank is even lower than 30%.If the conversion rate is less than 75% ,its power line also in great loss, thus the power bank itself is easy to gain heat. That will also harm our mobile phone. The large-capacity mobile power usually supply 1A and 2.1A  output , which are corresponding to mobile phones and tablet PCs and other equipment. That ia what we need to pay attention to.