Google Open Map Interface, You Can Play MR And AR Games

- Apr 04, 2018-

Google recently opened the Google Maps APIs Gaming interface to game developers for developers around the world. Game developers can make games based on real geographical locations, especially MR and AR games. Game makers can quickly create corresponding game worlds based on the real physical world model in the interface, such as “change” in the block to become a doomsday world after the nuclear war, and then arrange certain zombies to jump out of the windows of the building, because of all this It happens in the street you are familiar with, so the player's immersion is stronger. Developers can also add new content at any time to facilitate mobile content updates.

Google Maps APIs Gaming has created rich models in the Unity engine. In Unity, Google has converted buildings, roads, and parks into corresponding GameObjects objects. Game developers using the Unity engine only need to add textures, styles, and custom appearances. A world-wide game world is available.

There are currently three games that will use this handy API interface, namely the AR game "The Jurassic World Survival" and "The Walking Dead: Our World" "Ghostbusters: The World." Jun Fanjun expects this technology will bring new innovations to the gaming industry in the future.