Five Tips To Make Your Samsung Smart Phone Battery More Durable

- Nov 20, 2017-

Many of my friends have the following experiences: using a mobile phone full of power to play games or to see the play for a while, it would warn that the samsung smart phone battery electricity is low. Long time ago, we just have to charge the phone battery once a day, now we have to charge twice a day. Originally the phone has 10% of the electricity left, suddenly it becomes no power and automatically shut down...

Since most mobile phone designs have abandoned the removable cover, everyone pay more attention to the phone battery life. Then how could we maintain the samsung smart phone battery state?

1.Do not waste charging cycle

Each samsung smart phone battery has a life, some hardware manufacturers will publish the cycle numbers, some will not. For example, Apple declares that the power the samsung battery can store would be reduced to 80% of the original battery capacity, after completing 500 charge and discharge cycles. This is the reasons why battery life is weakened when the phone is used for a long time. So, make sure the device is charged when necessary, do not always keep it being charged, overheating also would de damage to the cell battery itself.

2.Use the proper charger, reject fake and shoddy products!

Some friends would buy many chargers and charging lines, putting in the office for convenience. Remember to choose a trusted brand and ensure that it is applicable, and can provide the most appropriate current. Poor chargers may also cause dangerous events due to voltage spikes and overheating.

3.The ideal temperature environment

Generally charging environment of room temperature 20 ~ 30 ° environment

is the best. Samsung smart phone battery is more sensitive to low temperatures, especially at around 0 ° ambient temperature. If using the phone at extreme temperatures, it would probably cause the battery to deform or cracks, leading to damage to the cell battery for samsung.

4.Cell phone falling can not only crack the screen but also hurt the samsung smart phone battery

Severely it may cause corrosive chemicals to leak and corrode other electronic components, and even cause more dangerous accident. Also this is related to the quality of the samsung smart phone battery, poor quality battery would be prone to cause accident. So we should use that of reliable suppliers, Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd. 

5.Do not fully charged mobile phones which is not long-term use 

After buying a new phone, many friends will fully charge the "predecessor" or let it lie quietly without electricity. Have you found that the new cell phone we buy have a little electricity? We’d better charge 50% ~ 60% power, preserve the samsung smart phone battery with full power would make the cell battery load get higher. For long-term preservation of the battery for samsung, it’s better to keep it in the environment which is close to room temperature. Avoid placing the phone battery in areas where the temperature is too low or too high.

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