Fast Charge Will Not Accelerate The Battery Aging? The Answer Is No.

- Oct 25, 2017-

Said above the fast charge is actually to improve the charger power, so that the current and voltage increases, so if not control will cause the battery aging. However, in addition to the oldest QC1.0 standard, the new version of the fast charge technology, are through the handshake agreement to achieve a higher voltage fast charge mode. For some phones that do not support fast charging technology, even if the use of fast charger, the charger will automatically reduce the charging efficiency, to avoid accidents.


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When we understand the principle of fast charge after the analysis from the technical level, fast charge is only to enhance the charging when the input voltage, the general battery charge the maximum current will be controlled within 6A, QC 4.0 is the voltage and current control to maximize, But also in a safe range, the battery is no damage.


In general, the current fast charging technology does not cause the battery to accelerate the aging effect. On the contrary, the most fundamental cause of the accelerated aging of the battery, or our bad charging habits caused.


Have to know the bad habit of charging


To say that the bad habit of charging, it must be inseparable from the above mentioned battery aging reasons. First of all to use the original charger and charging line, to avoid the quality of the charger, but the charge caused by the accident occurred. Charging current instability and other issues, often because you use the equipment quality is not good enough.



Frequent charging, but also easy to speed up the life of the battery, and even lead to lower battery activity, shorten the battery life and other issues. Especially in the fast-charging technology to join, although in the early charge of the fast, but not full to 100% on the pull line, resulting in multiple charges, increasing the number of battery cycles, long-term use will reduce the battery Activity, thus accelerating the aging of the battery. Like the same as pouring beer, pour the faster, the bubble the greater, "all the bubble" of the beer is not really full of cups, charging the same, fast filling the second half of the slow charge is more important. So even if the use of fast charge, try to make the phone filled with power after the power.



In addition, the battery high temperature and low temperature state of the phone charge is also a great damage. In the daily environment, while playing the game side of the charge, often let the phone's rapid rise in temperature, high temperature environment to accelerate the internal chemical reaction of the battery, thus accelerating the battery aging. Therefore, the hope that the battery is more durable, it is best not to use while charging side. At the same time in extreme environments, it is best to let the phone back to normal temperature and then charge.


Fast charge to our lives has brought convenience and improve the quality of our lives. We should not resist it. Understand the truth, get rid of the bad habits of use, in order to better enjoy life.