Explode, Self-ignite ... These USB Cable Power Banks Are Unqualified!

- Nov 24, 2017-

Usb cable power bank has become one of the essential supplies for everyone. Many people just choose the power bank considering the price, capacity and shape. But very few people pay attention to whether their mobile power is a qualified product?

Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision spot checks 80 batches of usb cable power banks on the market, 29 batches of products are unqualified, the failure rate is nearly 4 percent.

Testing found that unqualified projects are mainly focused on two aspects: heavy impact and flame retardant requirements.

1. Weight impact testing: unqualified products directly explode

Engineers from Guangdong Institute of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Engineering said that according to the national standard GB31241-2014 portable electronic products with lithium-ion battery and battery pack safety requirements, the internal battery of usb cable power bank products should not burn into fire and explode after being hit by 9.1 kilograms heavy objects, falling from 610 millimeters. Then it can be regarded as a qualified product.

Under such a requirement, these unqualified batteries all have failed the test.

2.shell is not fire-retardant, but combustion-supporting

Another important indicator of the safety of usb cable power bank is the flame retardant of the shell of the power bank.

In addition to the metal shell, more usb cable power banks use plastic shell.

In the process of testing, some usb cable power bank does not burn in case of fire or extinguished after a brief burning, but some samples rapidly burned after being exposed to the fire and lasted for a long time.

The use of non-flame retardant materials on the usb cable power bank shell cannot effectively have a flame retardant effect when the power bank burn out but would trigger a more serious combustion and explosion. 

Capacity virtual standard problem is so serious

Engineers said that there is the phenomenon that much usb cable power banks would have virtual capacity. The marked capacity of the power bank is commonly not the real one. 

Such products, apparently will greatly affect the consumer using experience of the usb cable power bank. 

Some businesses intentionally mark virtual capacity in order to raise the price. Other businessmen mark the cell capacity rather than the actual output capacity.

With the gradual increase of electronic products in our life, usb cable power bank has become indispensable to us. Such a huge demand naturally attracts many businesses.

According to engineers, usb cable power bank production threshold is very low, all the raw materials can be easily purchased from the electronic market. It also attracts many small businesses that lack the technical skills. In the absence of product quality control, the quality of these products is not guaranteed. 

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