Discovery! Would Mobile Power Bank Do Damage To Your Phone?

- Oct 16, 2017-

Do you know what's the best match with mobile phone when going out now? 


For me, it is mobile power bank.


Going out for more than half a day without a mobile charger, we are really easy to get anxious! Then here comes the question, would frequent usage of mobile power bank do damage to mobile phone?


Charging through mobile power bank would affect the phone?


Mobile power bank is mainly composed of housing, battery and circuit board. The housing would protect the batteries and circuit boards from damage; the size of battery determines the level of power; the quality of circuit board is directly related to the effect of charging and discharging and the conversion rate, directly affecting the charging effect of the phone.


The principle of charging: Mobile power bank adjusts its voltage to around 3.7V to charge for the phone. The process of charging is mainly via the reduction and boost of voltage, this process is achieved through adjusting the circuit board. When charging the phone, the circuit board will adjust its own voltage, based on the input voltage the phone supports.


Mobile power bank is a charging device which supports power storage, voltage reducing, voltage boosting and charge management all in one, with the function of mobile charger and battery. So using mobile power bank (except bad quality ones) to charge for the phone, basically will not cause direct damage to the phone! 


       For example, WST DP663, own brand mobile power bank of Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO.,LTD., with beautiful appearance and huge capacity, is really popular with consumers. Meeting the national compulsory certification as well as other certification in the world, it is proved to be safe and can charge and discharge for more than 500 times, and would not cause damage to mobile phones.


Why is charging time longer sometimes?


In fact, it is a normal phenomenon that it takes longer to fully charge a mobile phone with a mobile power bank than a direct charger. The mobile power bank uses USB to charge, its current output is smaller, compared with the AC charger, so basically there is loss of current.


Why charging power of mobile power bank is not durable?


In fact, the endurance of power is related to the fact that whether the power of the mobile power bank matches with the phone. Otherwise the different power would easily lead to virtual electricity. Sometimes, the low power conversion efficiency of the mobile power bank will also lead to the consequence that the electricity we charge into the phone can not afford to be used, so the phenomenon that the power is sometimes not durable is quite normal.


What should we care about when buying mobile power bank?


Besides choosing brand mobile power bank, we should also pay attention to its material and logo. For example, as for mobile power bank, the battery of which the battery cell is polymer is much more secure and have relatively longer life. In addition, mobile power bank is the item which has national compulsory certification, so we should pay attention to whether there are "CE" "FCC"  signs and overvoltage protection