Decode The Charging Time Of Power Charger

- Oct 21, 2017-

In the long time use of power charger, I have been tortured for many times. It needs 5 hours to fully charge it, while it just needs one hour to use it up. However, we cannot leave the power charger in our daily work or entertainment. Then, why is it so slow to charge the power charger, while so fast to use its power up?


Why it takes so long time to charge the power charger?


We use the power charger to charge the phone, always feeling the charging time too long. What is the reason? First we need to be clear that power chargers use the USB to charge, whose current output is small, compared with the AC of the charger, so basically there will be half of current depleted, which lead to the slow speed of the charging for the phone. In addition, if the wire of the power charger is thin, and the resistance is too large, it will also lead to the slow speed of charging. And if the quality of the power charger battery cell is poor, it will lead to longer charging time, in order to stabilize the current so as to control the output.


why is the power we charge our phone with the power charger nondurable?


When we are using some of the power chargers, we would feel that the power we charge into the phone do not last long, what is the reason for this? First of all, we have to make sure whether the power of the power charger matches with the phone, otherwise the power we charge in is virtual electricity, in this case no durability is a normal phenomenon. However, if the energy conversion efficiency of t power charger is too low, it will also lead to the no durability of the power we charge into the phone. In addition, it is not until the power charger is fully charged that we charge for our phone. What’s more, it will also lead to a rapid decline in electricity consumption of mobile phones if we play our phone in the process of charging. Therefore, in these circumstances, it is inevitable that the phone power is not durable.


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How to choose a power charger?


1. Choose a reliable brand

We all know that although the brand indeed on behalf of certain strength, so, while choosing a power charger, we should refer to some of power charger brand which are popular with consumers. For example, DL and DP series power charger of Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., LTD, is the top seller in many trading platform. With its own brand and patent, WST products are rather popular among consumers around the world. Anyway, in the purchasing, choosing big brands are really important.


2. The choice of batteries

In order to ensure the quick charge of the power charger, we should also focus on the choice of battery cells. At present, the power conversion rate of polymer li-ion battery is relatively high. It not only have higher safety factor, but have relatively fast charge and discharge speed.


3. Appropriate data line

To a certain extent, the data line also restricts the speed of charging. Silver wire and gold wire, is material with rather small resistance, which can charge quite fast. But as they are expensive, at present the one we often use is the oxygen-free copper data cable. If it is processed with silver or gold-plated craft, the charging speed will be relatively improved.


4. Rated current

In order to ensure that the power we charge into the phone is durable, we should make sure choosing the appropriate power charger, according to the rated voltage and current the phone accepts. And we’d better choose power charger which has higher rated current than that of our phone, so as to further guarantee the fast charge.


5. Capacity that suits our demand

Many consumers like to choose the power charger with greater capacity. In fact, there are a lot of security risks, especially some small brands power charger, unknown brands. The higher the capacity is, the greater the potential security risk is. Therefore, we must choose carefully.


Of course, in addition to some of the above tips while purchasing, there are also many Maintenance skills in our using process which we also have to pay special attention. After all, good product quality is just one factor to extend the use life cycle of the power charger, later maintenance and early attention are also quite important.