Common Sense Of Power Bank Smart Charging

- Oct 17, 2017-

With the smart phone-led portable devices beginning to enrich people's leisure life, the lack of electricity has become a problem that people must face. The electricity of the phone is not proportional to its function. This lead to the appearance of power bank smart charging, supporting the smart portable devices to be used for a long time after its power is exhausted. Of course, with the popularity of this kind of accessories, related issues have gradually highlighted.


How many times can smart charging power bank  charge the phone?


When we are selecting the power bank , the first thing to consider is the calibration power. The greater the power is, the more times it can charge the phone. But for electronic devices, the  calibration power does not mean that the power bank can completely charge for the phone.  


In the whole process of charging for the phone using a power bank smart charging, the raise and reduction of voltage, the wire resistance will bring to the consumption of power. Basically the times a power bank  can charge for the phone is: N = power bank calibration power × 0.7 ÷power in the phone. A qualified 10000mAh power bank can support to charge your iPhone6s for about 4 times.


Power bank smart charging release heat in normal use.


The reason why the power bank  releases heat is that in the course of the use of the battery, part of the energy will be consumed in the form of thermal energy in the internal circuit of the power bank . The higher the efficiency is, the lower the heat release would be, and thus the loss of energy on the circuit would be less.


Of course, heat release will also bring about some serious problems, such as: overheating causing the short circuit and burning, high temperature accelerating aging of the components.


Why does power bank  explode?


1. Poor battery cells

When there are overcharge, over discharge or short circuit, poor batteries will explode, with sudden increase of internal pressure which is greater than the range that the housing can withstand.


2. Improper use

Many people are very casual in the use of power bank smart charging, directly plugging into the bag. In fact, although the power bank  is not delicate, we can not treat it so casually. High temperature, humidity, short circuit, extrusion deformation and dismantling may lead to  its explosion.


But we do not have to worry too much, power bank smart charging is not a time bomb, as long as we purchase a regular brand power bank  in the formal way, and use it correctly, generally there is nothing to worry about. And choose some brand power bank that have quality certifications, such as CE certification, FCC certification, etc. Here I would like to introduce a high-quality power bank that I use, WST DP622 from Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., LTD. With the capacity of 8000mAh and with build-in cable, it greatly brings convenience to us and can be charged and discharged for more than 500 times. It has design patent and have passed related certifications. I largely recommend it as its high quality compared with other power bank I have used.


How to store the power bank smart charging?


Power bank smart charging must be put away from water and other corrosive liquids. If condition permits, it is better to find a small bag to wrap. When we do not have to use it, put it in the right place, and put it into the bag when we are about to use it. In addition, we must be careful not to expose it directly to the sun in the case of charging. The charger would get very hot in this situation, which is extremely dangerous. 

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