Collect WIFI Signal To Charge Mobile Phone?

- Apr 12, 2018-

It is not uncommon for a mobile phone case to be recharged, but a mobile phone case that can collect radio waves is guaranteed to be an unprecedented product. Recently, some manufacturers have developed a new iPhone 6 charging case. Its biggest feature is that it can actually collect external radio waves and then convert it into electricity to charge the phone.

Nikola Labs, a US electronics product research and development company, recently developed a new device that has the ability to convert wireless frequencies into direct current. They stated that more than 90% of the energy used to maintain voice and data connections in smartphones today is wasted. For this reason, they decided to develop relevant technologies to capture this energy and then convert it into electricity to charge the mobile phone. According to the introduction, this technology will increase the battery life of iPhone 6 by 30%.

To achieve this goal, Nikola Labs developed this special iPhone 6 charging case using two Ohio State University patents. First, the first "capture antenna" technology can collect radio waves around mobile phones, while the second "RF-DC conversion" technology can convert radio waves into direct current and then charge the mobile phone. It is understood that in addition to collecting the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE energy emitted by mobile phones, even the radio waves emitted by other devices can be captured. For example, it can be charged on other Wi-Fi routers. However, it is a pity that the charging case cannot store the converted electricity. Instead, the charging process will continue slowly.

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