Civil Aviation Authority: Lithium Battery Fire , Water Shower

- Feb 27, 2018-

"Lithium battery emergency guidance on aircraft" March 1 come into effect 

Civil Aviation Authority: lithium battery fire ,water shower

On February 25, during the boarding flight of China Southern Airlines CZ3539 (Guangzhou-Shanghai Hongqiao, model B77W), the baggage of a boarding passenger suddenly smoked and an open flame appeared. Air hostess calm response, with a bottle of mineral water to extinguish the fire. Originally a commendable thing, but many netizens questioned: why use mineral water? Is it equipped with a fire extinguisher?

From the official website of Civil Aviation Administration of China learned that the Transportation Department of Civil Aviation Authority on December 1 last year, they will be issued a special "lithium battery emergency response guidelines" (hereinafter referred to as the "Guide"), lithium batteries for a sudden fire disposal, the key steps One is "water or other non-flammable liquid showering, cooling, cooling."

The "Guide" since March 1, 2018 came into effect.

Event Review:

Stewardess mineral water to destroy lithium battery users questioned why there is no fire extinguisher

February 25, China Southern Airlines official micro @ China Southern Airlines introduced news, China Southern Airlines CZ3539 (Guangzhou - Shanghai Hongqiao, model B77W) flight during boarding, a passenger who has been boarding passengers to smoke in the luggage rack And there was a bright fire. The unit cooperated with the fire fighting and public security departments to timely dispose of the fire without causing any further damage. Since then, the flight replacement aircraft and crew implementation. The passengers were taken away by the police investigation. After a preliminary understanding, the cause of the accident is charged by travelers carrying Po smoky and caught fire, the incident occurred when the treasure is not in use.

The online video shows that after the incident, the firefighting airlift mineral water successfully extinguished the open flame.

However, this move was questioned by users, and even some users called "unprofessional" and questioned why not use fire extinguishers?

Subsequently, China Southern Airlines affirmed this move of flight attendants, calling it "timely and accurate."

Authoritative release:

Civil Aviation Authority "lithium battery emergency handling guidelines" lithium battery fire water cooling application

Lithium battery fire occurred on the plane should be how to deal with?

December 1 last year, the Civil Aviation Administration of China Civil Aviation Authority released the authority on the disposal of the guide "lithium battery machine emergency guidelines."

This "guide" will come into effect on March 1, 2018, two days later.

In the "Guide" Chapter III "Disposal procedures and precautions" fourth, fifth, sixth, there is a clear approach:

Fourth, "according to the incident location, the implementation of the corresponding fire-fighting disposal, pay attention to personnel safety - Preparation of cooling containers - for further emergency preparedness - to report to the captain disposal situation";

Article 5, "Rinsing and cooling of lithium batteries, lithium-ion batteries or related baggage with water or other non-flammable liquids - Assessment of whether the status of lithium-ion batteries or lithium-containing batteries after extinguishing the fire tends to be stable - If possible, Good personal protection personnel remove it from the luggage to continue cooling, or in the appropriate position of the luggage opening inward cooling irrigation ";

Article 6 Confirm that the equipment after fire extinguishing will no longer smoke. After the condition is stabilized, use auxiliary tools such as refuse containers and ice buckets to inject water to move to areas with less risk, and assign special persons to monitor it.

Passengers should know

Do not carry more than 160Wh charging treasure boarding machine

On August 17, 2015, the Civil Aviation Administration of China promulgated the "Notice on Replacing Civilian Passengers Carrying" Charging Baos "Passenger Plane Regulations", clearly stipulating that:

First, it is forbidden to carry the rechargeable treasure in checked baggage.

Second, it is forbidden to carry a rechargeable treasure with a rated energy exceeding 160Wh; carrying a rechargeable treasure with a rated energy exceeding 100Wh but not exceeding 160Wh must be approved by the airline and no more than two.

Third, it is strictly forbidden to carry the unclear charging treasure.

Fourth, the use of rechargeable treasure in the flight is prohibited.

Fifth, non-personal purposes forbidden to carry rechargeable treasure.

For those who violate the above provisions, the public security organs will handle the case in strict accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the state.