Cell Phone Battery Can Only Use For One Day, Who Should Take The Responsibility?

- Nov 04, 2017-

Nowadays, there are only two things that most smartphone users worried about, that is, lack of nttwork and electricity! No network is still acceptable, although the mobile phone cannot fully play its part, it can still play the remaining value. While no electricity is a forced strike, which would make people feel extremely anxiety.

Assume there is a hungry user who is holding a smartphone which has less than 10% electricity. The thing he most wants to do is not to find a place to eat, but to find a place to charge the phone.

Since the emergence of smart phones,cell phone battery life has always been the biggest problem. Normally, the charging frequency of our smart phones is to charge once a day, or even for many times a day. This is unimaginable in the era of the functional cell phones. So today, let's explode the reason of the unendurance of the phone battery.

The electricity consumption of the smartphone is naturally bigger than the phones in the past times. The enlarged  screen brings the improvement of the visual effects, at the same time, it will also accelerste the power consumption of mobile phones.

In addition, the upgrade of the mobile phone hardware is also one of the main reasons. The improvement of the phone's processing rate means that there would be much more electricity comsumption to support these enhancements.

Coupled with all kinds of social software, games, video, music players and other functional softwares, most of these applications will operate in the background and consume your phone electricity all the time.

In fact, there are many factors influencing the cell phone battery. It's rather simple to enhance the single function of the battery case, but it is hard to combine all the functions. For example, many mobile phones nowadays have fast charging functions, and at the same time, they require large capacity and stability. When these functions are all concentrated together, the technical difficulty will increase and the price of the mobile phones will also change accordingly.

What's more, smart phones nowadays tend to be thinner, and have more beautiful designs. Originally the internal space of the phone is very valuable, if it is conbined with a variety of functional modules, it's no doubt that the internal space of the phone has to be compressed. 

Under such circumstances, the most direct way to retain more functions and maintain the slimness of the phone is to compress the phone battery. However, these functional modules will increase the power consumption. Therefore, cell phone manufacturers are quite contradictory, only to minimize the power consumption of the screen and the function module.

Some people may ask, why not making the phone battery thinner?

There are two reasons, the cell phone battery technology bottlenecks and safety. As for technical bottlenecks, in the absence of new energy sources, there are basically lithium batteries in the market. According to the principle of lithium batteries, without changing the capacity of the battery case, compressing volume is difficult.

The most important reason is the security. Under the premise of no breakthrough in power consumption, we can only increase the phone battery capacity. However, if the phone design is not reasonable, the internal space compression is prone to cause heat problems.

Cell Phone Battery.jpg

In general, nobody should take the responsibility of the phone's phone battery life. Manufacturers like Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO.,Ltd, also want to make a satisfactory cell battery life, but suffer from the battery technology stagnation, and the performance requirements for batteries are getting higher and higher. Mobile phone designs have compromised much. Why don’t we give them some time, maybe this problem will be solved someday.