Cell Phone Battery Use Up, Only Apple Has Clear Warranty Standard

- Mar 15, 2018-

In the mobile phone performance, photographing and other functions have made great progress today, cell phone battery life has not been great progress, this is mainly due to the battery technology stop. Therefore, mobile phone life has always been a concern for users.

With the increase of mobile phone usage time, the number of lithium-ion battery charging cycles will increase, and its capacity will inevitably decline. However, the decrease in battery capacity will inevitably affect the consumer experience, not only shorten the battery life, but also may reduce the battery life. The appearance of down-clocking causes the phone to freeze.

Cell phone batteries will wear out as the use of time increases. At the end of last year, it was Apple's "Slowdown Drama" incident that caused more fire. Because of the loss of the battery, the iPhone can only limit the frequency of use of the processor in order to maintain normal life and prevent accidental shutdown, thereby reducing the user's experience.

Moreover, the aging of the battery is inevitable. Therefore, the loss of the battery capacity of the mobile phone is a concern of many consumers. We tried to investigate the battery loss detection of mobile phones and the battery replacement policy during the warranty period after the sale of 18 mobile phone brands on the market.

After investigation, only Apple has a clear policy to explain the standard of battery loss warranty.

For users who do not want to go to the after-sales service center, they may use their own software to detect the capacity of the mobile phone battery. Some software can also provide more accurate battery information. After detecting the loss of the battery, the user may not know whether the battery is in a normal wear or warranty range.

Apple made it clear on its own official website that during the warranty period, if the loss of the iPhone battery exceeds 20%, that is, if the capacity is less than 80%, the battery can be replaced for free.

In addition, if your iPhone is overpaid but you have AppleCare+ service, you can also perform free repairs after the sale. The sale of the other 17 brands indicated that they could detect the loss of the battery. However, there was not a clear statement as to when the battery capacity had dropped to what level. It was stated that the inspections by the after-sales maintenance engineers prevailed.

If the after-sales service can provide a complete battery testing service, and inform consumers that the battery can be replaced for free during the warranty period, or if there is a clear price indication for battery replacement during the warranty period, the user experience for improving the mobile phone is It helps greatly.

At present, most manufacturers do not have clear rules for battery replacement during the warranty period. Even if consumers know the battery loss level of their mobile phones through software detection, they cannot determine whether they meet the conditions of the official warranty. It is hoped that all manufacturers will strengthen their focus on mobile phone batteries in order to provide consumers with better after-sales services.