By Leaps And Bounds 5 Years After The Global Power Bank Market Exceeded 150 Billion Yuan

- Dec 26, 2017-

According to a report by market research firm ReportsnReports, the power bank market is expected to reach $ 25,016 million in 2022.

"CAGR of 21.22% for 2017-2022"

According to the report, the power bank market will enjoy rapid growth in 2017-2022 at a CAGR of 21.22%. By 2022, the market capitalization is expected to climb to US $ 25,016 million. Key drivers include increased use of electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets, technological advances and the lack of electricity in individual countries. The main limiting factors include: continuous expansion of battery capacity, the increasing popularity of wireless charging technology in consumer electronics devices.

"The power bank market with a capacity range of 12500-15499 mAh will see rapid growth in the near future"

The power bank market with a capacity range of 12500-15499 mAh is expected to experience rapid growth in 2017-2022. The battery capacity of mobile devices and laptops has increased, requiring high-capacity power bank to charge these devices.

"Smartphones make up the largest share of the power bank market"

Smartphones will become the largest consumer market for power bank. The penetration of smartphones, the widespread use of Internet services, which tend to rapidly drain battery power, more power bank and longer battery life requirements have become catalysts for this market.

"Europe Will Become the Fastest Growing Region"

European manufacturers hope to continue to seek new growth opportunities based on the development of new technologies for power bank. In addition, a large number of skilled consumers in the region have highly disposable income, contributing to the growth of the European power bank market.

Main players in the power bank market

The global ecosystem of power bank markets encompasses component suppliers, OEMs, online retailers and portable power bank distributors. Major participating companies include: Xiaomi (China), Lenovo (China), Microsoft (USA), Panasonic (Japan), Sony (Japan), Delta Technology (Taiwan), Asustek (Taiwan), Ambrane India Tech (USA), Intex Technologies (India), OnePlus Technology (China) and uNu Electronics (USA).

area of ??research:

The research divides the market for power bank according to capacity range, number of USB ports, energy, battery type, application and area. The market has been divided into 500-3499mAh, 3500-6499mAh, 6500-9499mAh, 9500-12499mAh, 12500-15499mAh and 15500mAh based on the capacity range. Based on the number of USB ports, the main product interface types are divided into one USB port, two USB ports, and two or more USB ports. The power bank market has been subdivided on the basis of electricity and solar energy. The market for battery-based power bank has been divided into lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries. The market for power bank has been thinly based on smartphones, tablets, portable media devices, digital cameras, laptops, etc. (handheld gaming devices, GPS navigators, eReaders and smartwatches) Minute. The report covers the four major geographic regions - the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC) and the rest of the world (RoW).