Big Bang Triggered By Power Bank For Mobile

- Oct 19, 2017-

On the street, lane, bus, subway ... People holding phones are everywhere. In order to maintain the power of the phone, all kinds of power bank for mobile appear. While to charge is not that easy, each power bank for mobile has its temper. Explosion is its way of losing temper ...


"Big bang" caused by power bank for mobile


In May this year, Yuhang Zhang has experienced a "life big bang" caused by power bank for mobile... Zhang came home from work, charging his phone with a power bank for mobile. However, the power bank for mobile got hotter and hotter and suddenly with the sound of "bang", the fire shown up from his trousers pocket! The power bank for mobile self-ignite! Zhang hurried to use his right hand to put out the fire, which led to the result that his hand was burned. Finally, with the help of good-hearted people, Zhang was sent to the hospital.


Why power bank for mobile would explode?


The main reason for explosion is from the internal. "Culprit" is unqualified batteries. Battery discharge results in the heat release of battery and circuit. Circuit board of the power bank for mobile should have the function of short circuit protection and overheat protection. While the circuit board using poor batteries does not have this function, therefore it will cause explosion when it gets too hot.


Take preventive measures before the "burning"


Top1. Buy good-quality products.


Do not try to buy cheap ones. Those ones with big brand have quality guarantee, which makes the explosion be killed at the source. Choose big brands like Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology Co., LTD., professional manufacturer of power bank for mobiles for 18 years. With independent development, it has form its own brand WST. WST products have been sold to all over the world and have gain good reputation among consumers. Do remember that big brand represents quality guarantee.


Top2. Throw away if anything gets wrong.


Pay more attention to the situation of power bank for mobile. Once there is anything abnormal, throw it away. If your power bank for mobile gets bulging, immediately replace it.


Top3. Use the original plug.


Use original micro cable and the plug as they have consistent parameters which guarantee the security of usage.


Top4. Bypass the sun.


It's better to place the power bank for mobile in the ventilation and not to expose it to the sun. Or it is easy to lead to the internal temperature raising.


Top5. Avoid pressing and strong vibration.


Charging treasure is a squeamish baby. Do not press and vibrate strongly so as to avoid explosion caused by short circuit.  


Top6. Avoid long time charging and frequent use.


Cut off in time after full charge, and avoid overcharging. Its also wrong to use the power bank for mobile too frequently as it would shorten its life and increase the chance of explosion.


We should pay attention to the usage standard of power bank for mobile. Prevent the power bank for mobile from turning into a risk factor.


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