Apple's Ban On Repairing Commercial Third-party Parts To Repair The IPhone Was Dismissed By The Judge!

- Apr 16, 2018-

Apple's crackdown on third-party repair shops that use cottage accessories has encountered some problems. According to Motherboard, last year, Apple filed a lawsuit against Henrik Huseby, the owner of the Norwegian electronics repair shop, asking the shop to stop using a third-party screen to repair the iPhone. At that time, Apple just asked for reconciliation.

Norwegian Customs officials intercepted 64 iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s screens from stores shipped from Asia to Henrik and pointed out that the screens were fake. The Norwegian government informed Apple of the incident and Apple sent a lawyer and proposed a settlement. The plan calls for Huseby to pay a fine of US$3,500 to destroy these third-party screens and promises not to sell or repair any products that violate Appleā€™s rights.

Huseby refused to reconcile and sued Apple. The identity of these accessories has become the focus of debate between the two sides. Apple believes that such accessories are infringing, but Huseby did not agree with it. The court eventually supported Huseby's view.

In this case, the most important part is whether Huseby has sold accessories with the Apple logo. Although Huseby purchased a product with the Apple logo, it concealed it during the sales process, which means that he did not want to sell as an Apple accessory.