Apple Refused To Repair Its Own Products?

- Apr 23, 2018-

Destroyed his own Mac. Apple refused to repair money.

Linus Sebastian of Linus Tech Tips, a well-known tubing technology channel in Canada, has been a bit annoyed recently. In his latest video, he furiously condemned Apple and its authorized maintenance service providers for refusing to provide repair services for their damaged iMac Pro. It was because Sebastian and his team completely dismantled an iMac Pro at the beginning of the year because of the recorded program. However, when reassembled, inadvertently dropping the outer glass screen caused some appearance damage. And the blogger also said that the need to replace the logic board and power supply, there may be dismantling caused short-circuit damage to the internal components.

However, Apple refused their request for maintenance. In the email, Apple Support Advisor refused to provide repairs on the grounds that the replacement parts were limited. However, the real reason is probably related to Apple's maintenance policy. Apple has always stressed that the company will not provide services for products that have been damaged due to "unauthorized changes," including "wrong installations, repairs, and repairs caused by non-Apple or Apple authorized service providers." maintain". If a non-Apple or Apple Authorized Service Provider has caused product damage, including upgrades and expansions, Apple's one-year warranty service will be invalidated.

However, Sebastian stated in the video that even if he paid for the extra repairs, Apple would definitely repair it. Apple declined to comment.