Apple Opens 13-inch MacBook Pro Battery Replacement Plan

- Apr 25, 2018-

MacBook Pro is a favorite product for users, but the hardware of this product seems to have some problems. If you recently purchased MacBook Pro, then you should pay attention. What is the problem?

On April 21, 2018, Apple’s official website issued an announcement that focused on the 13-inch MacBook Pro. Its battery had a hardware problem. Apple has now started a free battery exchange. Judging from this announcement, the battery problems of these devices seem to be serious, so they have to be replaced.

Which models are listed on the free battery replacement list? First of all, this is a 13-inch MacBook Pro with no touch bar version. The next production date is between October 2016 and October 2017. These products have batteries. There may be hidden dangers.

According to Apple's official announcement, Apple officials have confirmed that a certain component of a few 13-inch MacBook Pro computers that do not have a Touch Bar may malfunction, causing the built-in battery to swell. Therefore, Apple stated that it will replace the eligible batteries for free, and the affected equipment will be manufactured between October 2016 and October 2017.

    The user can verify the serial number on the apple's official page to verify whether his machine meets Apple's free battery replacement conditions. Once the serial number meets the criteria, Apple authorized service providers or Apple Store retail stores can be selected for battery replacement service. Users who meet the replacement requirements can replace the battery for free at the Apple Store or an authorized service provider within five years from the purchase date. However, it should be noted that replacing the battery does not extend the warranty period.

    It should be noted that, as with the iPhone replacement battery, when you go to the Applestore to replace the MacBook Pro battery, you need to back up your data in advance to avoid data loss.

    It should be noted that although Apple will not extend the warranty period for replacement of battery equipment, this global plan will take a long time to apply. It is specifically stated that: “The effective period is five years from the date of the first retail sales of equipment.” This means that as long as it is an affected 13-inch MacBook Pro device before 2022, it can contact Apple to replace the battery.

    In addition, the affected 13-inch MacBook Pro models, if they had previously paid for the replacement of the battery, Apple said that they can contact the official consultation "refund."

    According to a report by Register, macOS 10.13.4 has a stability problem in a multi-screen configuration. Many Mac users responded that after installing macOS 10.13.4, serious stability problems were encountered. Even when the patch was installed and restarted, the system was found to be in recovery mode and the message "MacOS installation failed to complete." At present, Apple has not given a response.


    As part of the New Deal, Apple will provide free repair services for designated Apple Watch Series 2 models that cannot boot or battery pack. This Friday, Apple said in an internal document (not yet published) distributed to direct-operated stores and authorized service providers: "Apple has decided that in some cases, some Apple Watch Series 2 watches may There is no boot or battery swelling.

Apple will provide free services for eligible devices. Apple will provide three-year warranty service for eligible devices from the initial purchase date. ”

Battery swelling can cause the Apple Watch not to boot or the screen to crack. In recent months, users have shared many photos related to this issue in the Apple community, but the vast majority of problematic devices are the first generation models released in 2015.

Apple's documents show that only the 42mm Apple Watch Series 2 that meets the conditions for free maintenance includes Sports Edition, Collector's Edition, Hermes Edition, and Nike+ Edition. A visual appearance inspection is required. The warranty status of these models will not affect the free repair coverage.

The new policy does not include the original Apple Watch, Series 1, Series 3, and all 38mm models.

Affected users can contact Apple Support, select "Apple Watch"> "Battery, Power and Recharge"> "Self Repair" to make an appointment to maintain the genius bar of the direct-operated store; or you can go to Apple Authorized Service Provider for repairs.

Apple also recommends that users contact support advisors, and Apple can refund the cost of replacing the Apple Watch Series 2 battery before it is replaced.

Although the policy has not yet been formally announced, it has been confirmed by the media to be authentic and is expected to be introduced soon. From now on, affected users can try repairs.