Apple External Battery Charger Case Upgrades, Users Collectively Declare War

- Dec 26, 2017-

Many Apple users will find that their phone speed begins to slow down after using the iPhone for a year or two. Apple recently admitted that this is out of the thought of enhence user experience. Under certain conditions, limiting the peak processor performance of some older models can reduce energy consumption, the purpose is to avoid the external battery charger from running out of power and automatically shutdown. Apple therefore becomes the target of public criticism.

The external battery charger Gate starts from Dec. 10 when an user in Reddit share on Facebook that after he automatically replaced his iphone 6S battery, the phone processing performance rises about 70%. Then on Dec. 18 John Poole, the founder of Geekbench shared the test statistics on Twitter to prove the user’s experiment. And now the United States Apple user mass litigation continued.

From Apple's response, it means that older iPhones would try to take in energy beyond the bear range of the batteries, causing a sudden shutdown. In order to prevent this from happening, Apple is controlling the amount of power these phone models can absorb. In short, the old external battery charger will not provide enough power for the new version Iphone.

In order to avoid the phone from automatically shut down, Apple add this to the system. When the processor requires high performance, the request would be split into multiple lower-performance requests to prevent automatic shutdown problem due to external battery charger aging.

In other words, the current system would automatically check the external battery charger aging situation and limits processor performance based on this situation. This is also the reason why some users find the phone runs faster after replace their battery.

Some foreign media said that in the face of external battery charger aging problem, Apple should replace the battery for the user, rather than reduce the phone performance.

So, if you find your iPhone slowed down, you might check if your iPhone still works. In the App Store there are many similar external battery charger testing software. As for the replacement battery, we recommend to sent to the official Apple Store to deal with. 

Of course, there is a second option, that is, you can replace the external battery charger yourself. The benefit of doing this is that there is no additional costs besides the cost of a replacemebnt battery. The downside is that no one can guarantee the safety when you do it yourself. At the same time, if you do it yourself, your iPhone would also lose its warranty, but generally when your external battery starts aging the device should be out of its warranty time. 

But you still have to take care if you decide to replace the external battery charger yourself. There are many case that the battery burn into fire or explode because the defect of the external battery. So if you really want to replace the battery case, choose the reliable supplier from official channels. Regular manufacturer like Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd, has good reputation among the customers. Using phone battery from such supplier, the battery case quality can be better guaranteed.