Apple consider, refund to the user, who replace the battery at full price

- Feb 08, 2018-

Not long ago, US Sen. John Thune publicly asked Apple to give an explanation of "Slow Older IPhones." One of the things is that Apple is required to compensate users who had previously replaced the battery at the original price. At that time, this proposal won the unanimous approval of netizens, but Apple has not opened its mouth until finally media reports today, Apple is considering refunding for the full price of battery replacement users.

According to reports from internationally renowned Recode, Cynthia Hogan, Apple's vice president of public policy, in an interview with John Thorn, said Apple is indeed considering whether to provide users with a refund plan and promised that if in this Any decision on the matter, will be the first time to inform John Thorn.

The reason why this happens is that after the cell phone was slowed down by the exposure of aging batteries in November last year, many consumers first exchanged batteries of their old iPhone with other channels such as the Apple Store. At that time, The cost is $ 79. However, Apple introduced a low-cost replacement battery at the end of December, and users are able to replace the battery at a price of 29 USD by 2018, which is obviously unfair to users who change batteries before.

It is reported that, in fact, Apple has been in full replacement on December 14 after the battery users have a corresponding refund, but by the date of replacement of the battery users, have not got the $ 50 should be returned to them.

Many people in the industry think that the possibility of Apple making the final concession is still very large, after all, before the full price to replace the battery less the number of users, the refund will not cause much economic losses to Apple. And after Apple has made many concessions, such as the corresponding models can not unconditionally battery test battery replacement, early opening low-cost battery replacement practices, so the refund should also be a high probability event.