Apple Apologize For The Deceleration, Lower Battery Maintenance Price, Even If All The Problems Are Solved?

- Jan 03, 2018-

This month, Apple's "battery" incident has been a hubbub around the world. A user from Reddit 

released iPhone 6 battery full of blood after the resurgence of the measured, suddenly set 

off a wide range of discussions.

I learned that changing the old iPhone for the battery will have a chance to revive the 

glory, we immediately found a test iPhone 6, replace our own production of high-capacity 

battery, this old iPhone as rumor full of blood revived.


According to our measurement, change the battery before and after the running points 

difference is indeed great,as shown.

Through the test, Apple iOS 10.2.1 for the iPhone 6 / 6S series models coupled with "If the 

battery is down to CPU frequency down" rumors can be considered a real hammer.

Subsequently, Apple also released a statement acknowledging this fact, but also said that 

this feature will appear in the follow-up iPhone models. The incident brought a number of 

collective litigation for Apple, many media also issued a disclaimer apples, unable to 

withstand the pressure of Apple finally issued a new statement today, hope that by 

temporarily reducing battery maintenance prices to quell the anger of users and the media .

Battery repair costs, the problem really solved?

In the latest statement, Apple will change the warranty period the battery price dropped $50, 

down from $78 to $28. The move for the use of iPhone 6 and subsequent models need to replace 

the battery users in the world from the end of January 2018 until December.

And, in the beginning of 2018, Apple will release an iOS software update that will give users 

a clearer picture of the health of the iPhone's battery, allowing users to see if their 

condition has compromised performance.

Although the cost of replacing the battery next year has declined, but after next year, I am 

afraid that the situation is still not improved, the battery aging iPhone will still change 

the card, and maintenance costs, such as price cuts before pit father.

Apple choose to discard the performance to ensure product life, the United States said its 

name to improve the user experience, but the iPhone did not smooth operation of the new 

system can not run smoothly, the user is still facing the need to replace or replace the 

battery these two difficult choices.

In addition, iPhone 7 and subsequent models have increased IP67 waterproof function, the user 

if you disassemble to replace the battery, the great possibility of deterioration of the 

watertightness of the machine, thereby affecting the waterproof performance of the iPhone. If 

you want to retain the convenience of waterproof, after all, only the official maintenance of 

a road can go.

Therefore, the cost of battery maintenance seems conscientious, but in fact it is only 

Apple's self-defense move, this is only a short-term activities only, saying that the current 

crisis of PR at this time is not an exaggeration. The phone card or card, change the machine 

or change the battery, 2018 still have to face.

Battery repair price period, official repair or DIY?

In fact, for the iPhone 6 / 6S series models, some batches of battery problems are officially recognized by Apple, but in fact many affected users can only eat bitter fruit pocket replacement battery, which is obviously very unreasonable, but the total days To be, the official replacement of the battery or buy their own for better?

For this part of the model, the two methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. This time we replace the iPhone 6 battery is priced at about 18 US dollars, and Apple's 28 US dollars to replace the cost comparison, the difference from the original absolute advantage has become only 10 advantages. However, if the alternative battery is selected large-capacity version, compared to the original battery capacity has an advantage.

Official replacement battery is good to worry, eliminating the fear of their own failed to replace the battery, recommend new users and mobile phones are still under warranty users.

Buy your own battery online, you can buy a higher capacity third-party battery, get better performance. If you do not have confidence in your ability to do something and you do not want to waste money, you can change it through WST merchants. The price is also quite affordable.