A Fire Caused By A Mobile Phone Cell Battery

- Oct 14, 2017-

It is reported that on the 16th night, there was an accident to the flight DL2557 of Delta Airlines from Norfolk, Virginia to Atlanta which just took off for 15 minutes - a backup cell phone cell battery burned out. Huge damage was avoided as the fire was put out in time.


According to the passenger Kristi Parrotte, she was sleeping when she suddenly smelled the smoke, and heard someone call the flight attendant that there was fire. Parrotte clearly saw a lot of smoke rise from the seat. Although the fire was not serious, it was hard for the flight attendant to find out the source of the smoke. "We all stood up from the seat, thinking about where the smoke came from." Before finding a fire extinguisher, a retired military officer poured a bottle of water onto the cell battery.


Although some seats were damaged, nobody was injured. The smoke in the cabin quickly dissipated. According to the flight attendant, the owner of the phone hadnt been found yet.


Robyn Sidersky, a reporter from "Virginia Herald" happens to take the DL2557 flight and sit at the row right behind the place of fire. "I was sleeping when I suddenly heard someone shouting that there was a fire. As I sat really closed to the engine, my first reaction is 'God, the engine is on fire, what should we do?’ 20 passengers sit near the fire move to the front of the cabin and sit on the ground. The flight attendants are quick and clear.


One of colleagues of Sidersky, Kerry Dougherty, has witnessed how the flight attendants took action. "Watching them control the entire cabin, I was shocked," he said, "they gathered the passengers to the front of the cabin, and did not say anything nonsense - they were very harsh and demanding to let the passengers leave the fire until they extinguished the fire. Their behavior makes people feel at ease. "


Dougherty said on Twitter: "You will never be so grateful to the flight attendant until the cabin was on fire."


None of the 143 passengers were injured. "We are quick to get evidence that the smoke comes from a separate backup cell battery," the representative of Delta stated in the e-mail, “we are  identifying the source and model of the cell battery and will cooperate with the work of the aviation safety department.


Although the model of the phone involved is not exposed, the event happened when Samsung Note7 mobile phone was called back by the US consumer product safety committee, because of the overheating and burning out of Samsung Note7 mobile phone.


Parrotte said that when boarding at Norfolk airport, the staff had clearly asked passengers to shut down Samsung Note7 phone and not to charge. On the plane, the crew asked and review the above requirements again. After the fire, an flight attendant asked all passengers to shut down all the phones, regardless of any brand model.

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