50 Overheating And Fire Reports, Amazon Recalls 260,000 Avocatory Power Bank

- Mar 14, 2018-

Amazon formally recalled 260,000 Amazon "basics" power banks. According to a statement issued by the Consumer Product Safety Clerk Association, these products contain the risk of overheating and fire. In the United States, Amazon has received reports of overheating in more than 50 power banks. Some of these products caused a fire due to overheating of chemicals, causing consumers and property owners to lose money.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission’s statement stated: “Consumers should immediately disable the recalled power bank and contact Amazon for guidance on returns and full refunds.” Currently Amazon is contacting everybody who purchased it. Affected equipment consumers.

This product recall includes Amazon's "basic" power bank with six capacities: 16100 mA, 10000 mA, 5600 mA, 2000 mA with USB cable, 3000 mA, and 3000 with USB cable Milliamp version.