2018 Mobile Phone Industry Outlook, Perhaps These Major Changes Will Occur!

- Jan 08, 2018-

In the past 2017, Apple introduced the most radical iPhone X in the history. Huawei brought the world's first artificial intelligence chip Kirin 970, Samsung released Note8, the flagship phone of full-color curved screen, and the first 5G data connection in the world by Qualcomm After a wave of weakness before the company experienced a new wave of strides, it began to make new strides. Two contrast, you can see the mobile phone industry is highly competitive, replacement is also more frequent.

Before we look at the industry trends in 2018, let's briefly review some of the key events or events that emerged in the mobile handset industry in 2017. From this we may be able to explore some of the trends in the future handset industry.

First, the full screen mobile phone popularity. Since the second half of 2017 so far, almost all major mobile phone manufacturers have already released their own full screen mobile phones. Full screen design makes mobile phone front screen accounted for the increase, and this design has also gradually become popular among low-end mobile phone products, this year full screen mobile phone completely occupy the market has become an inevitable.

Second, component costs rise. Due to the pressure from vendors in the supply chain, the prices of components such as chips, memory and displays are on the rise, and there is a shortage of supply due to tight supply. Increasing the cost of mobile phone procurement, but also makes the price of mobile phones over the previous overall level.

Third, artificial intelligence quietly layout. After Huawei released the unicorn 970 processor with built-in NPU, artificial intelligence has become the focus of the future handset manufacturers. With the continuous development of the Internet industry, the scope of application of artificial intelligence will continue to be enriched.

Fourth, 5G technology to accelerate the pace of business. In the Qualcomm, Huawei and other communications technology with deep knowledge of the manufacturers efforts, 5G research and development continue to make new breakthroughs. Prior to Qualcomm had predicted the first 5G mobile phone will be introduced next year, from the current considerable situation, 5G technology from the commercial has reached the final stage of acceptance.

Can see that today's mobile phone market has been out of chaos earlier chase price war, began to seek new breakthroughs in quality and technology, there have been such as glass body, dual camera and full screen and other new markets guide.

In addition, the advancement of 5G communication technology and the improvement of artificial intelligence level will also provide more support and possibilities for the future development of the handset industry. 2017 mobile phone market has brought us a lot of surprises and innovations, then this year's mobile phone industry trends will be what new breakthroughs and changes it, then we come to look forward and look forward.

Enhance the screen technology

Just half a year, 18: 9 ratio of full-screen design has been popular among high-end mobile phones to low-end mobile phones. However, in the high-end mobile phones, such as Apple's iPhone X uses a full-shaped shaped screen design.

This shaped cut will replace the traditional form of the screen, the proportion of the screen will be further increased from the current 80% to 90%. It should be said that the opposite sex full screen screen process is extremely difficult, but the cost is also relatively high, but the screen market demand is not low.

From the current situation, the vast majority of the existing market known as the full screen design of the mobile phone only increased the proportion of the screen of the phone's front screen, the actual experience compared with the previous phone is not significant difference.

However, with the progress of screen technology and the continuous improvement of process yield, handset manufacturers will exert force on curved screens, shaped screens and even folding screens. Perhaps to the next cycle, the mobile phone industry can be ushered in the real full screen design.

Break through the identification scheme

Traditional fingerprinting solutions such as front or back fingerprinting nowadays are already available. Although this technology is not the first of its kind in the Apple iPhone 5s, it has been the industry consensus in just a few years to speed up the popularity of fingerprinting mobile phones Agree

And now, with the advent of the iPhone X, Face ID will be the new direction of identification technology, combined with Samsung's previous promotion of iris recognition program, greatly improved the safety performance. However, whether facial recognition or iris recognition, there are still restrictions in the use of the scene, there are still problems in terms of efficiency and application.

In addition, the fingerprint recognition technology as a screen is currently focused on the identification of breakthrough programs, but also sought after by many mobile phone manufacturers.

Earlier there is news that vivo will be the first to launch the first mobile phone screen support for fingerprinting, it appears that this year's mobile phone market, full screen mobile phone will focus on the development of structured light facial recognition and screen fingerprinting two kinds of security Identification scheme.

Improve the fast charge performance

With the release of the first fast charge standard, there has finally been a clear standard for fast charge technology, and handset manufacturers have a clear direction in promoting fast charge technology.

Fast charge standard release, also means that the future of fast charging technology will be more and more used in mobile terminals, portable terminals, and supporting the use of chargers, charging treasure also more and more support fast charge technology.

Before Meizu WMC 2017 show has released a new fast charge technology - Super mCharge. Its 11V / 5A high-current configuration, the power value of the industry-leading 55W, 20 minutes to fill a 3000mAh phone.

More importantly, its industry-leading charge pump technology, making the conversion efficiency of up to 98%, to solve the problem of charging heating due to low efficiency. With the release of fast-charge standard, the industry's requirements for fast-charge performance will be more stringent. We have reason to believe that in the future, the handset industry will also be able to improve its experience in fast-charge.

Strengthen artificial intelligence

Although Huawei has released the first unicorn 970 with artificial intelligence chip, it should be said that artificial intelligence technology is still an initial stage in the current mobile phone market, and there is plenty of room for imagination in terms of functions and experience.

Many years ago, in fact, Apple had already put the artificial intelligence voice assistant Siri on the iPhone, but the experience of this voice assistant did not reach a very smart level. Until Samsung recently launched the new intelligent voice assistant Bixby, we Only found intelligent voice assistant so powerful rich experience.

2K screen display, 18: 9 full screen design, dual camera camera, the emergence of these technologies is not just to take a good photo or display so simple. Hardware upgrades and improvements for the phone in daily use to provide more possibilities.

I believe in the future, with the development of artificial intelligence, voice assistants, AR enhancement technologies and intelligent recognition of cell phone pictures will also have more innovative performance. There is also a lot of market potential for application interaction to be tapped.