Iphone 6s Plus Battery Replacement

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iphone 6s plus battery replacement Introduction:

The factory solemnly promises: All the factory batteries pass the aging test, the original machine test, the charge and discharge test, the data is compatible, the design, the workmanship is fine, the quality is cheap, the quality is superior, the worry is after, it is your correct choice of the battery Applicable to Apple/iphone, excellent quality, full model! All passed CE, ROHS, FCC certification!

iphone 6s plus battery replacement Parameter:

No. Item Unit Technical requirements Remarks

1 nominal voltage V 3.7-3.8 factory battery voltage

2 Battery capacity mAh 3250 +/-50

3 Input charging voltage V 4.3V Charging circuit must have CC/CV function, otherwise it will damage the battery or protection board; it may burn the charger, battery ** safety problem

4 input charging current A 800mA+/-100

5 Overcharge voltage V 4.3V

+/-0.05V overcharge protection delay 70-140ms

6 Overcharge recovery voltage V 4.1v +/-0.05

7 Over-discharge detection voltage A 2.5V +/-0.075 Over-voltage discharge protection delay 40-70ms

8 Over discharge release voltage V 2.9V+/-0.075

9 Overcurrent protection A 3A±500mA over current discharge protection delay 6-10ms

10 Short circuit protection A 3.5A±0.5A

11 Maximum discharge protection current A 3A±0.5A

12 charge cut-off current mA 80mA±20mA

13 Internal resistance m ohm 150+/-10 PCBA+ soft cable terminal internal resistance

14 Charging time h ≤2.5h It is recommended to charge 0.5C for 2.5 hours.

15 quiescent current uA ≤ 135

16 PCB SIZE: 49x120x5mm

17 PCBA weight g 3

18 Working temperature -10°C-45°C Industrial standard

19 Storage temperature °C <35°C Relative humidity <65%RH

iphone 6s plus battery replacement details:

6SP-800x800px - 副本

iphone 6s plus battery replacement qualification:

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