Iphone 6 Plus Battery Replacement

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Product Details

iphone 6 plus battery replacement manufacture

iphone 6 plus battery replacement Introduction:

1) Custom lithium polymer battery pack with PCM

2) Good low temperature performance, fast charge and discharge cycle life

3) Provide a standard cable for the battery pack

4) High capacity, low internal resistance, long cycle life, low self-discharge, fast charging.

5) Stable capacity, stable discharge, high temperature discharge.

6) Custom size, packaging, label, label, plug, connector, overcurrent protection, temperature control protection.

iphone 6 plus battery replacement Appearance:

No tolerance of scratches, stains, cracks, deformation, leakage, and any or all flaws that may impact the battery effectiveness and performance.

iphone 6 plus battery replacement feature and application:

Key Features of iphone 6 plus battery replacement:

Maintenance-Free ,SmartVolt Technology

Low Self Discharge

Long Designed service Life ,Deep Cycles

Excellent Discharge Performance

Environment Friendliness

Wide suitability of ambient temperature range

iphone 6 plus battery replacement details:

6P-iphone 6 plus battery replacement

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iphone 6 plus battery replacement qualification:

iphone 6 plus battery replacement make in China

♦ Battery factory Founded in 2004, 10 million batteries annual production capacity

♦ Products including iPhone battery , Samsung battery , Nokia battery and other mobile phone battery

♦ Products are exported to more than 150 countries

♦ Products are certified by CE , UL ,Rohs

♦ Mature and very well respected protect and save technologies for power batteries ranging from 1mAh to 3500mAh

Li-Polymer iphone 6 plus battery replacement

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