Would mobile phone mobile phone battery really explode after long time charging?

- Dec 20, 2017-

Since entering the era of smart phones, people seem to be inseparable from one thing, that is the phone charger. As the increased frequency people use smart phones, and more and more significant trend of larger screen of the smart phones, making mobile phone life become shorter and shorter. So we can often see the users continued to connect the phone to the charger, while using the phone.

After charging for a long time, the back of the phone will be very obviously getting hot, the degree some products getting hot when charging makes people concern that the cell phone batteries may explode at any time. So would long time charging cause damage to the smart phone mobile phone battery, or even bring threats to personal security?

Generally speaking, most of the batteries used in smartphones currently on the market are lithium polymer batteries. Lithium metal is very active in chemical characteristics and reacts severely with water. Therefore, the processing and storage requirements of lithium metal are very high. 

Most smartphones use lithium-polymer batteries. In contrast, lithium polymer batteries are essentially the same as lithium ion batteries except that the electrolyte is solid polymer rather than liquid electrolyte. At least for the moment, the safety of lithium-polymer batteries seems high, and accidents like fire and explosion are hard to appear. However, we still learn the news of the mobile phone mobile phone battery explosion from the media coverage from time to time, people are frightened.

While lithium-ion mobile phone battery is charging, usually there is a protection circuit to protect it from over-voltage, over-current and other conditions on the lithium battery damage. When the phone battery is full, the protection system will automatically identify, change from a large current into a small current, so the phone cannot charge. Therefore, if the lithium-ion mobile cell battery charger and the protection circuit do not go wrong, even if we charge overnight it will not cause damage to the mobile battery structure, it will not cause the phone battery to explode. 

In addition, although lithium-polymer mobile phone battery is safer than lithium-ion batteries, but in daily use we still have to pay attention to several points. First, ensure the use of original phone battery and charger. The second is to pay attention to the phone charging environment, the heat release must be good, behaviors such as putting the phone under the pillow or charging in the bed is very dangerous. Thirdly, once the cell phone battery explodes we must immediately stop using the removable mobile battery and immediately replace.

From the early years of NiMH batteries to lithium-ion batteries to today's lithium-polymer batteries, the safety of mobile phone batteries generally rise. As long as the protection is generally appropriate, even if long-term charge the mobile phone batteries, it is also very difficult to trigger a fire or explosion endangering personal safety, consumers can not worry too much.