Winter mobile phone batteries cause harm to other factors

- Dec 19, 2017-

In fact, low temperature to normal temperature environment caused by dew to cell phone battery more harmful to the phenomenon of condensation on the circuit board, and car windshield, glasses fog principle is the same. When the mobile power from zero under the environment to get more warm environment, it is very easy to form condensation on the circuit board. And when the condensation is more serious, then it is very likely to cause the battery is not allowed to display, short circuit and so on, thus affecting the use of consumers, what is more, will cause the product to smoke, fire, large current discharge and other hazards.

In addition to circuit board dew, there is also a chance of dew condensation on the housing, especially the metal housing, resulting in a short circuit on the battery with poor internal insulation.

To avoid this phenomenon, it should avoid the impact of temperature difference. In particular, the battery from low temperature to high temperature environment is the most need to avoid. Therefore, everyone in the winter outdoors to bring mobile phones to indoor or higher temperature environment, do not immediately use, but need to place for some time, such as condensation condensation and then use.

In addition, high temperatures in winter indoor heating can cause significant damage to cell phone batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries at high temperatures (> 60 degrees Celsius) use will produce very bad results, the light capacity failure, the battery in the expansion, and even the most serious explosion will explode.

How to maintain the phone in winter

Nowadays, people are more and more dependent on cell phones. Of course, this cold winter is also carried around. Outdoor use of mobile phones will expose mobile phones to cold weather. The normal working temperature of mobile phones is 0-35 ℃. If the mobile phone is outside the normal operating temperature range, the service life will be shortened or the temporary operation will be abnormal. So in the winter, how do we use the phone? How to protect the machine from the harsh environment outside the impact of it? In fact, in the end, only three points can be prevented.

First, low temperature

First of all, we mentioned earlier, the low temperature, due to climatic reasons, the northern winter temperature and the South contrast is great, the coldest when the northeast, the temperature can reach minus 30-40 ℃, the phone is in this extremely cold temperature, There will be some anomalies, such as: crashes, touch screen failure, unable to connect to the network, unable to boot and so on. At this point it is recommended to return to normal indoor temperature, the use of mobile phones, the other we should also be fully out for the phone fully charged, reasonable power-saving mode to open, so as not to affect the daily work and life.

Another point to note that we also mentioned earlier, that is, from the cold outside to a warm room, sudden temperature changes may cause air condensation in the phone surface and interior, and even lead to circuit board failure, so try to avoid using the phone Hot and cold, but also to avoid the use of mobile phones in heavy rain and snow weather. In the case of sudden changes in temperature, try not to use the mobile phone call, use the headset instead of phone calls, to avoid direct exposure to the phone, but also not frozen hands. Try to avoid prolonged use of mobile phones in low temperature environment, go out when the phone should be placed in the pocket, bags and other insulation places, conditional machine friends can love machine to buy a thick phone case, play a role in protecting the phone.

Second, high temperature

As Xiaobian said earlier, in addition to fear of cell phone battery low temperature, the same can not be a good performance in high temperature environment, so we should try to avoid placing the phone next to the heating in case cell phone battery explosion fire and so on.

Third, static electricity

In addition to high and low temperature, the winter damage to the cell phone is the largest number of static damage, and this Xiaobian in the previous question easy answer also conducted popular science, here to put it simply, everyone dressed in winter clothes, Human activities, the skin and clothes and clothing and clothes between the friction between each other, it will produce static electricity. With the increase of household appliances and the winter wear chemical fiber clothes, electrostatic charge generated by household appliances will be absorbed by the body and accumulated, combined with indoor walls and floors mostly belong to the insulator, the air is dry, so the body is easy to accumulate static electricity. Although the surface of the common capacitive screen mobile phones have been subjected to a certain amount of antistatic treatment, it does not mean that they can withstand the static electricity of winter's body. Static electricity may break the screen, resulting in dead pixels.

There are many online ways to tell you how to prevent static electricity, such as: go out to wash your hands, or put a hand on the wall wipe to remove static electricity and so on. However, Xiaobian here to tell you one of the most simple and direct solution, that is, for your phone posted a better quality anti-static mobile phone film, everything will be solved.