Why the phone will automatically shut down at low temperatures?

- Dec 18, 2017-

In fact, not so much the phone is afraid of cold than the battery cold, the general liquid electrolyte in the lithium battery electrolyte and gel electrolyte, no matter what kind of electrolyte, in low temperature environment, will lead to greater resistance, lithium Ion penetration performance worse, it will appear in the cold area of the battery 20% take-off situation, when the temperature returns to normal, the phone will return.

Relatively speaking, lithium batteries can be done to maintain good performance in low temperature environments, and simply to achieve good low-temperature performance is very easy, but the problem is difficult to both high and low temperature while ensuring performance, often resistant High temperature performance so low temperature performance will be worse. Due to the high probability of occurrence of high temperature scenes, such as chip heat, or in high temperature environment, etc., because of high temperature scenarios are more likely to cause irreversible performance degradation and safety issues. In the extremely low temperature environment, few people will play mobile phones, which will lead to cell phone manufacturers will value the battery high temperature performance, rather than low temperature performance.

Another reason is that due to soldering and other reasons, due to the mobile phone electronic products, the use of brazing process, the solder joints are extremely small and sophisticated, although now like a cell phone using micro-connection to ensure that circuit solder joints in low temperature environment Performance is maintained, but because of the phone's solder joints are too small, in harsh environments, there may be failure, which is why in low temperature environment, the phone will be the cause of failure, if the long-term use of mobile phones in low temperature environment, not Just the battery life will be reduced, and even the internal electronic components will be damaged.

It is because of lithium batteries, not just the phone killer, or a lot of other killer electronic equipment, then take the Heilongjiang Heihe region and Inner Mongolia Hailar these two places, the winter temperature can be reduced to a minimum of -30 ° , While a cellphone like the iPhone series, if blown outside for a while, reports that the temperature is too low to turn it into a brick, turning it on only after waiting to go home to get the phone's cold heart warm. And mobile phones like Android do not report the temperature when they encounter extremely low outdoor temperature, but their power consumption will drop like mercury.

Why the cell phone battery temperature decreases after the power consumption will increase?

Although the cell phone battery nominal normal operating temperature are more broad, but as the temperature decreases, lithium battery discharge performance will be significantly decreased, the discharge platform will be significantly reduced, the discharge capacity was significantly reduced. However, because of the different brands of battery performance, its low temperature resistance is also a certain difference, so theoretically about 30 ℃, different capacity, the same milliampere when the battery capacity changes in low temperature environment is unpredictable, but In general, as long as the temperature is above zero degrees Celsius, mobile phone battery capacity will not be significantly reduced.

In addition, the seemingly no online data on the temperature on the battery capacity of the official data, I also found only a brand of battery temperature-dependent capacity performance, we can refer to: when the temperature dropped to -30 ℃, the battery discharge capacity of 87.0% of the discharge capacity at room temperature, discharge average voltage is lower than room temperature 0.598V, and its stored energy is only about 70% of the normal environment, lithium-ion battery constant current charge capacity of only 14% of the total charge capacity Pressure charging time will become very long.

This shows that, in fact, the impact of very low temperature on the battery though very large, but not as we exaggerated the estimated 10 degrees below minus 10 degrees, the battery capacity should be more than 90% efficiency. And if we can try to avoid exposing the mobile phone when the ambient temperature is low, and try to keep the temperature of the mobile phone above zero degrees Celsius, after a period of use, the mobile phone's own heat will gradually make it work normally.