Why replacement mobile phone battery would spontaneously explode?

- Dec 23, 2017-

We might have heard many cased that lithium-ion replacement mobile phone battery burst into fire or even explode in the process of production, transportation and the usage process. There are three reasons:

1, From the structural point of view, it is related to the replacement mobile phone battery short circuit.

The short circuit of the replacement mobile phone battery will produce energy, which will lead to temperature changes and lead to the combustion and explosion of the organic solvents. When the  battery is in a state of high temperature, or is subjected to impact or metal friction, it may cause the case of replacement battery short circuit and explosion.

2, The quality of the replacement mobile phone battery itself

Replacement mobile phone battery quality is related to the battery structure design, the composition of the replacement battery materials and phone battery production process. The current replacement mobile phone battery spontaneous combustion and explosion are mostly because of the use of mobile battery from illegal manufacturers. The use of unqualified product might lead to short circuit of the phone because of the excessive impurities in raw materials, unqualified manufacturing processes, and inaccurate design of the replacement battery safety protection.

3, Improper use of the user

In the case of long-term charge, the replacement mobile phone battery overcharge or too large current may lead to high temperature, laying a security risk. In special circumstances such as extreme temperature, high humidity and poor contact, lithium-ion batteries might get explode or spontaneous combuse because of too large instant current.

In fact, lithium batteries do not have to be charged until the replacement mobile phone battery is depleted. And it’s better to immediately unplug the charger when it’s fully charged. If charge when completely use up the lithium battery power, it will shorten the replacement battery life.

So how to properly charge the phone and prevent the replacement mobile phone battery from exploding?

(1) use high-quality replacement mobile phone battery

Most of the replacement mobile phone battery explosion is due to the use of poor quality batteries, so use the original factory or high-quality phone battery is most secure. Choose high quality batteries from reliable manufacturers, like Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd. As phone battery manufacturer for over 17 years, high quanlity is visible.

(2) Check the replacement mobile phone battery at any time 

If your cell phone batteries are replaceable, you should pay attention to whether there is any scratches on the phone battery or traces of impact on the cell phone. If so, it is better not to use it anymore.

(3) pay attention to charging safety

For mobile phones whose replacement mobile battery can not be replaced, such as iPhone, it is better not to charge after it gets wet, it is better to sent for repair to avoid a short circuit and explosion of the phone battery. Do not make phone call while charging and use the original charger if possible.