Why mobile phone battery become more and more nondurable?

- Nov 27, 2017-

Have you ever felt that your cellphone is becoming less durable? Long before the full power can keep our phone running for one day, then later it can only last for half a day, now it can only last for half an hour. Some people may say that this is a psychological effect, saying that you are only tired of using your cell phones. But in fact it’s not, your cell phone is really becoming less and less durable. Now the cell phone batteries are generally lithium-ion mobile phone battery, and this kind of battery would indeed degrade in the process of using.

The ScienceAlert website has recently sums up three main behaviors that will accelerate the aging of lithium-ion batteries in our daily use of cell phones.

1. Low mobile phone battery power

The aging of lithium-ion mobile phone battery mostly occur in the process of fully charge the phone battery from the ultra-low power. Therefore, in order to make the phone battery case remain longer, we should try to avoid low battery power. When we are sitting at the desk, not using the mobile phone, we can simply plug it to charge. We do not have to worry about charging for too many times.

2. Charge too fast

Now there are a lot of devices that can "fast charge" the phone, so that the charge can be completed within ten minutes rather than a few hours it ought to take, but this will hurt the mobile phone battery; phone battery case storage, basically it’s the inside chemical changes, ultra-charging will reduce the total phone battery power. We may sometimes use the fast charge, but not for too many times. It would damage the chemical activity of the mobile battery. Using the original charger to charge the phone is the best choice. It is the most suitable charger for the phone, and there is no need to worry about hurting our phone battery.

3.The temperature is wrong

The mobile phone battery will be affected by temperature. It would supply less electricity when the temperature is below 0 ℃, but it will not be hurt itself; while it is over 45 ℃, although it will supply more electricity, the aging speed will be greatly accelerate. So, try not to let the battery overheat. If we are charging, we’d better take out the phone case cover, and put it in the cool desk, so as to cool down and better protect the phone battery case.
mobile phone battery.jpg

 Apart from these elements, there are also some elements that we might not control, that is, the mobile phone battery itself. We can not choose the phone battery when we are buying a new phone, but if we would like to replace a new one ourselves, we can choose that from the reliable suppliers, Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd, for example. As manufacturer for almost 20 years, the quality of its products is visible. With best service and best quality, it has supply to all over the world.