What’s Chinese users opinions on iPhone wireless charging function?

- Sep 15, 2017-

Apple launching iPhone 8,8 Plus and X

On September 12th, Apple unveiled iPhone 8,8 Plus and X. The shining point of the new iPhone is with wireless charging function. It is reported the wireless charging system is called Qi, which is already available for some Android phones, such as Samsung and LG.Thats to say, Apple isnt the first smart phone maker to offer wireless charging. At present, there are 3 main competing standards in the wireless charging industry, including Qi, PMA as well as AirFuel Alliance stands, among which, Qi is rapidly becoming the most popular wireless charging standard especially it is used by Apple for its new iPhone 8 and iPhone X.


What is wireless charging?

Wireless charging, also known as inductive charging, non-contact induction charging, is the use of near-field induction. General speaking,you no longer need to plug a cable into your smart phone to charge the battery.All you should do is to place your phone up on a special pad, which is quite enough to start charging your mobile battery. Thats to say,if you want to enjoy wireless charging function, you need two things. The first is a smart phone that supports wireless charging, and the second is a wireless charger. A wireless chargers are little pucks or mats that come in various shapes and sizes.


Hot debate about iPhone wireless charging function in China

1. Is wireless charger going to be a big thing?

Some users doubt that if wireless charger going to be a big thing and wonder if it is more convenient that cable charging. Since the standards for wireless charging have been existed in more than 4 years, now that most devices either support multiple standards or at least Qi, wireless charging is likely to become a standard part of smart phones in the near future. The new Apples adoption of Qi is likely to make it the primary standard going forward.

2. Should users need to buy an Apple wireless charger for an iPhone 8 and another one for a Samsung wireless charger for Galaxy S8?

As Kuo says, Apple will not be shipping a wireless charging pad in the box for free.Apple is expected to rely on 3-D facial recognition rather than Qi charging technology that already found in rival smart phones from the likes of Samsung and LG--not the revolutionary field charging developed by Energous. If you already have a Qi charging pad, you are set to use wireless charging when iPhone 8 arrives. But if you dont you have to pay extra money for one to enjoy the wireless function.As long as the charger matches the wireless charging standard supported by your smart phone you can use any wireless charger.So, it is probably for one wireless charger compatible for both iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8.And the good news is that Qi charging pads are everywhere these days,and you can pick them up at incredibly low price.WST has focus on developing and produce mobile charger for over twenty years, and will keep up with the trend of the market.