What kind of usb portable charger can be taken into the plane?

- Oct 21, 2017-

As mobile phones have become an essential thing in life, usb portable charger also becomes a necessity when we go out. However, in the airport, security staff may tell you, "Your usb portable charger cannot be taken into the plane." Today I want to tell you what kind of usb portable charger can be brought into the aircraft.


Unbranded usb portable charger cannot board the plane.


Usb portable charger which does not meet the quality standard or does not mark with the manufacturer, capacity and output voltage is easy to get short circuit, or even explosion under high temperature environment, severely threatening the flight security. Therefore they cannot board the plane, and cannot be consigned.


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Limited rated capacity for the usb portable charger to board the plane.


Usb portable charger of which the rated energy is not more than 100Wh (for example, the battery capacity is 20000mAh, the voltage is 5 volts, then its rated energy is 100Wh) can board the plane without the approval of the airline;


Usb portable charger of which the rated energy is more than 100Wh but not more than 160Wh can be taken into the plane with the approval of the airlines, but each passenger shall not carry more than two usb portable chargers;


It is strictly forbidden to carry usb portable chargers of which the rated energy is more than 160Wh. In addition, usb portable chargers which is not marked with the rated energy and the rated energy of which cannot be calculated through the marked parameters cannot be carry into the flight.


According to the current effective ICAO Regulations on the Safety of Air Transport of Dangerous Goods and the Regulations on the Administration of the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Civil Aviation of China, the Civil Aviation Administration stipulates that the usb portable charger carried by passengers shall be for personal use and can only be carried in hand luggage. It is forbidden to carry in checked baggage.


Do not use the usb portable charger while in flight.


As for the characteristics and danger of usb portable charger, the Civil Aviation Authority has clearly required that the usb portable charger passengers carry should be regarded as spare lithium battery rather than lithium battery device. Therefore, usb portable charger and lithium batteries are prohibited to put into the checked baggage. And in flight, it cannot be used and should always be in a closed state.


The regulations also make it clear that passengers are not allowed to charge the electronic equipment during the flight. And usb portable charger that has start-up switch should remain closed during the flight. This provision also applies to crew members.


Now, you should know what kind of usb portable charger can be brought into the plane. Let us follow the management requirements and improve safety awareness.

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