What factors determine the charging times?

- Oct 18, 2017-

Now most of the mobile phones use non-removable rear cover design, which no doubt makes the problem of shortage of cell phone electricity even worse. The occurrence of smartphone power bank, to some extent, has become the most effective means to make up the shortage of mobile phone electricity quantity endurance. Now lets take a look at the problem of smartphone power bank charging times.

 smartphone power bank.jpg

1. Electricity quantity


We often see smartphone power banks whose capacity if more than 10000mAh. Even if there is no virtual standard, it does not mean that the electricity can be fully charged into your phone. Rated capacity is not equal to the actual available capacity. There would also be part of the electricity lost in the process of power storage.


For example, if the capacity of the battery pack is 5000mAh, and there is now a smart phone, of which the capacity is 2500mAh, that needs to be charged, it does not mean you can charge your phone twice. This is because there is a problem of smartphone power bank conversion rate and mobile phone conversion rate.


2. Output conversion rate


The conversion rate is an important criterion to determine the quality of a smartphone power bank. If the general smartphone power bank conversion rate is about 80%, that is to say, the output of a smartphone power bank with the capacity of 10000mAh is only 8000mAh.


3. Phone conversion rate


There is also a problem of conversion rate in the process of charging the mobile phone, as  the phone circuit board will also consume part of the electricity quantity while charging. The phone itself would get hot because the electricity consumption would be converted into heat and dissipate. Conversion rate of most of the mobile phones are around 80% -90%.


4. Charging times


Understanding the above concepts, we can probably calculate the times the smartphone power bank can charge for the phone.


Charging times = Electricity quantity of the smartphone power bank * Smartphone power bank conversion rate * Phone conversion rate / Cell phone battery capacity.


For instance, WST WP926 of Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology, a smartphone power bank of which the capacity is 10000mAh and the conversion rate is 80%. If your mobile phone conversion rate is 90%, the capacity of the mobile phone battery is 3000mAh, then the charging times for the phone = 10000 * 0.8 * 0.9 / 3000 = 2.4 times, basically about 2-3 times.