Watch out! mobile battery power bank is too dangerous!

- Nov 20, 2017-

We do not have to worry too much about the safety of using mobile battery power bank, as long as you buy from formal way. However, there are still some points that we have to pay attention in order to make the use of power bank more secure.

1.Do not squeeze and shake the mobile battery power bank

Squeezing the mobile battery power bank would lead to internal dislocation of lithium batteries, resulting in short circuit. If the cell or circuit board is poor, it may even explode.

In addition, if power bank is mixed together with keys, nail clippers, hairpin and other small metal objects in the bag, these small metal objects may accidentally insert into the USB output port, resulting in short circuit.

2.Do not place in hot and humid place

Too high or too low temperatures would make the life of mobile battery power bank greatly reduce, and may cause an explosion. Do not keep the phone attach to the power bank and watch TV while taking a shower.

While traveling, do not keep the mobile battery power bank long-term exposing in the sun. Especially in summer, the temperature within the car is high and the space is closed, do not leave the power bank in the car, it might self-ignite, both the mobile power and the car would be in danger.

3.Do not use tablet charger to charge for your phone battery pack for iphone

Now part of the specifications of flat-panel charger are greater than 5V / 1A, and the maximal input specifications of most of the mobile battery power banks are also 5V / 1A. Using a flat-panel charger to charge the power bank would cause the mobile power cannot be charged after long-term use and even cause fire due to overload. Therefore, it is better to use the charger whose rated output is corresponding to the power bank input specifications, it is better to use the original charger.

4.Do not disassemble and transform the mobile battery power bank on your own

If you are not professional, do not disassemble the mobile battery power bank due to curiosity. The electrolyte in the power supply is strong alkaline. During the disassembling process, it may volatilize. After being dissolved on the surface of the human body, lithium hydroxide will be decomposed, making human body become uncomfortable. If it’s of high concentrations, it may also do harm to our eyes. In addition, the lithium battery electrolyte would quickly decompose heat, causing an explosion in case of mixing with large amounts of water.

5.We should stop using mobile battery power bank which is broken

Although mobile battery power banks have discoloration, deformation, leakage, and very easy to get hot, it can still be charged. At this time we should also stop using immediately. We can not joke with the corrosiveness and ignitability of the electrolyte. Even if it’s good quality mobile powers we still have to watch out, not to say poor quality ones. We can not risk our life using poor power banks. Here I recommend Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., LTD. As a power bank and battery pack manufacturer for nearly 20 years, its high quality has been approved by consumers at home and abroad.
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