Tips for cell phone charging in the hot hot summer

- Nov 10, 2017-

    In the hot summer, do not put the phone in the car. Under high temperature environment in the car, the lithium iphone fix battery will be unstable, and even lead to an explosion! So how can I charge it safely in the summer? Have a quick look of the cell phone charging knowledge I summarize.

1. Remove the phone case

    In order to protect the phone, many people choose to put on the phone case for the cell phone, but we should know that the lithium iphone fix battery cannot stand high temperature. In particular, when charging, it will generate a lot of heat. Therefore, it is better to remove the cell phone cover or choose a thin cell phone shell!

    In addition to heat, mobile phone iphone fix batteries are also afraid of cold, in a low temperature environment, the lithium battery low temperature protection mechanism will cause the charge speed to slow down, or the iphone battery does not work.

2. Do not mixed use the chargers

    Charge the phone with the original plug as much as possible, the original plug is specially developed for your cell phone, so the charging speed is guaranteed.

    If you use a low-power plug to charge the phone with a high-power plug, the speed would be extremely slow; and if you use a high-power plug to charge a low-power phone, the speed will be much faster. These will cause great harm to the cell phone iphone fix battery.

    Although some no-name chargers are not ideal for charging, some may even take longer time to fully charge the iphone fix battery, if used correctly, the charger will not damage the battery. However, the original charger can guarantee the security, because there are many  cases that low quality chargers cause explosion and wounding, we can not ignore it!

3. Charging while playing should be avoided

    Playing the phone while charging, would make the mobile phone produce more heat. Nowadays there are many cases of mobile phone explosion or hurting people due to cell phone poor charging. So to cherish life, we should refuse to play the phone while charging!

4. Choosing good quality power banks

    In this era of smart phones, a cell phone without electricity is like an oil-laden car, gorgeous but of no use. Fortunately there is the existence of power bank. While the poor quality power banks are common among shops and online shops. Those colorful but cute, and with low price power banks are rather popular among consumers. However, for your personal safety, when buying mobile powers, you should be careful. As low quality power banks would do much harm to the phone iphone fix battery.
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