Three things you need to know to make battery pack for iphone more durable

- Dec 09, 2017-

Now all major domestic mobile phone manufacturers are promoting fast charge function, "charging a few minutes, call a few hours," the slogans can be seen everywhere. But you may not know, Apple products have also adopted the fast charge technology, charging can quickly reach 80% of the charge, and then switch to a slower trickle charge.

Today we will tell you some battery pack for iphone related things, to make the battery work better.

1. Please feel free to charge at any time

Most electronic products use lithium batteries now. Lithium batteries charge faster, last longer, and have higher power densities than conventional battery pack for iphone technology, offering longer battery life and lighter stature. For example, when we were sleeping at night, we fully charged the phone, used 75% of the electricity the next day, and then fully charged, then unplugged it and used 25% of the electricity, completing a "charge cycle.’’ After the completion of a "charge cycle", the maximum iphone battery cell phone power will be reduced a little.

2. battery pack for iphone life are the same, why others can use longer than you do?

According to the characteristics of lithium batteries, I provide the following battery pack for iphone life protection measures for your reference:

1. Use the latest operating system

Take Apple as an example, the Apple official would update the operating system from time to time. The new operating system usually includes advanced energy-saving technologies, so please try to upgrade the phone, tablet operating system to the latest version.

2. away from extreme temperatures

According to Apple's official documentation, 16 ° C to 22 ° C is the ideal temperature range. Long term use of electronic equipment in excess of 35 ° C may cause permanent damage to the battery pack for iphone. In severe cases, the battery may not fully charge then. In the cold environment, the battery pack life will be reduced, or even shutdown, but this situation would disappear when the iphone battery temperature become to normal. Short time low temperature would not have severe influence to the iphone battery performance.

3. Retain half the power if for long-term storage
If your device is to be placed for long periods of time, do not charge or discharge it completely. It is better to retain about 50% of the power. Only in this way, it will not have too much impact on the battery pack for iphone performance when you use it again. Turn off the device and store the device in a cool and dry place, preferably at temperatures below 32 ° C. If you want to keep your device for more than 6 months, it is better to charge the device up to 50% every 6 months.

But the most important thing in between is that your battery pack for iphone is good at the first place. If the iphone battery is not good at first, no matter how you preserve it, it would break down anyway.

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