The truth about cell phone battery case

- Nov 29, 2017-

Many of us would have found that after using the phone for a period of time, we might suddenly find that the battery case becomes not durable. The truth is that, in addition to the slow development of cell phone battery and the small capacity of the phone, our bad habits for charging the phone is also one of the reasons leading to a serious decline in mobile phone life.

There have been various opinions about the charging of smart phone batteries, and some sayings about charging would often make people confused. In order to make everybody use the mobile phone more safely and effectively, let's take a look at some misunderstandings about the cell phone battery case and charging.

1.Charging all night would affect battery case life?

At present, most mobile phone batteries are using lithium batteries, it will have a battery case overcharge protection mechanism, which could automatically stop the phone from charging all the time. But I still do not recommend that you charge the battery overnight. What lithium batteries need to pay attention to is not overcharge, but over discharge, that is, do not let the phone often in the case of low battery power, the phone battery power should maintain between 40% to 80%.

2.Charge the cell phone when the electricity is used up?

Now phones are equipped with lithium-ion battery case, there is no memory effect, if the phone is charged after it’s fully discharged, it would hurt the internal lithium-ion battery chemical activity. When iPhone completely use up the power, it would not immediately boot when you charge for it. You can only boot it after charging it for some time. That is to protect the phone's battery internal chemical activity.

3.The battery case life would be shorter if it’s charged more frequently?

Earlier, it is generally believed that lithium-ion batteries will lose their vitality with the increase in the number of charges, but Apple explained that the life of lithium batteries depends on the charging cycle rather than the number of charging times. Lithium-ion battery case can have hundreds of charge-discharge cycles, which refer to the process that totally use up the power and then fully charge the battery.


4.Playing the phone while charging will damage the phone?

Play mobile phones while charging, will only make the phone release more heat, it will not bring other greater disadvantages. The premise is to use the original charger for charging. If you use some unidentified, unverified, inferior third-party chargers, it is recommended that you should quickly replace it. 

The quality of the battery case is also really important. Some phone battery manufactures would use unqualified battery cell to reduce the cost. This would no doubt lead to many problems. To make our phone use longer, we should take care of our phone battery in the first run. Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd, being a professional manufacturer of phone battery case, provides the best quality products and service to all customers around the world.