The mobile phone IPhone battery life is short? In fact you have the wrong charging way!

- Nov 09, 2017-

    Most users of smart phones are basically charge once a day, heavy cell phone users may even charge twice a day or even three times a day. Basically their phone are bundled with their phone. But we do not recommend this unhealthy habit. What if the mobile power explodes in these hot days?

    Many people have deep-rooted notions about charging for mobile power which are wrong in fact. If you want to preserve your cell phone IPhone battery and keep it in the best state without having to worry about the battery life at all, you need to make a few changes.

1. Unplug the socket after full charging

    According to IPhone battery University, if you keep your phone in a fully charged state (just like charging at night), it can cause long-term damage to the Iphone battery replacement.

    If we keep the phone IPhone battery plugging in, even when it is full of electricity, the phone will enter a state of slow charge to maintain 100% electricity. This would keep the Iphone battery replacement at a high-voltage, high-strength state, which can deplete the battery's chemicals.

    IPhone battery University also used a lot of detailed scientific knowledge to explain the reasons, and draw a conclusion. After fully charged, the Iphone battery replacement should be removed from the charging device. This is the same as that we would relax muscles after high-intensity physical activity. You will certainly feel very painful if you exercise for hours without interruption. The battery of phones would also be stressful.

2. If not necessary, do not fully charge the IPhone battery

    At IPhone battery University, we can see that full charge is not necessary for lithium-ion and is not desirable as well. In fact, it is better not to let the Iphone battery replacement fully charged, because high voltage will cause pressure on the IPhone battery. Long-term high pressure will make the battery slowly become "tired."
    If you are the kind of person who wants the phone to be charged at all times, it may seem a bit weird for you now, but believe me, what you should do is just to charge for more times in one day and get used to it.

3. Charge when convenient

    It turns out that it's more beneficial to the IPhone battery if you charge your phone from time to time during the day, than to charge it when it's completely dead.

    IPhone battery University said that the best solution is to charge the phone after it consumes 10% of the electricity. Of course, this ideal solution is not suitable for most people, so it is recommended that you charge the phone when it is convenient. Multiple plugging and unplugging of plugs within a day does not result in significant damage.
IPhone battery life.jpg    This not only allows your cell phone batteries to maintain the best performance for a longer period of time, but also allows the phone to be fully charged all day.