The future of battery

- Sep 22, 2017-

Buffett realized that industrial development can not be separated from the upgrading battery technology. He acquired the famous battery company called DuraCell last year. Battery technology has been developed rapidly in the past decade.


Battery technology’s breakthrough greatly push the development of mobile phone, electric car and aviation field. But after the lithium-ion battery, battery technology didn’t get any progress.


A few years ago the graphene battery has brought great excitement to all industries, but to make the graphene battery able to applied successfully in the industry, battery developers and many scientists believe that we have to do more.


Tesla invests $ 5 billion in building Gigafactory in California to produce lithium-ion batteries. The amount of investment is hard to surpass, and its investment gap is difficult to fill.


Gordon West, a professor of materials at the University of California at Berkeley, studied the new battery. He thought that it would take about $ 500 million to build a small production line and to study all the details needed to produce the desired battery product at the very beginning of investment.


The world's three major battery manufacturers Samsung, LG and Panasonic are adjusting their investment strategy. Compared to invest a new type of chemical substances and free radical battery technology, these three major battery manufacturers prefer to focus on improving their present product.


There is no doubt that the current lithium-ion battery is the driving force of green revolution. However, we need to acquire more to get further progress. Research is a hard science in materials science that requires at least some understanding of inorganic chemistry, crystallography, electrochemistry, and physical characterization such as XRD, XPS, and magnetic properties.


To assemble the most basic chemical synthesis to the final battery device, it needs teams effort and cooperation. That is impossible for one person to make it true.


Future battery technology will be widely used in electric vehicles, and developed as grid-like energy storage battery for resident. Besides,it can also be improved by the battery energy storage technology to expand more renewable energy sources.


But the battery development and commercial use of the road is still very long, there are many unpredictable obstacles on the road.