Teach you how to choose cell phone power bank for IPhone

- Nov 07, 2017-

  As a product occurring after smart phones, power bank for IPhone has become just one of the necessities of our lives, just like mobile phones. However, there are a variety of brands in the market. Excellent quality Iphone power banks can provide us with convenient, safe and stable charging experience. While the fake ones would not only bring us the damage to the device, but even cause the battery explosion. Therefore, the purchase of a safe mobile powe is very necessary.

First, what capacity is enough?

    Short-time emergency: If you are not often on business, the power bank for IPhone is just used for emergency in a short time, then you can choose 5000mAh ones. IPhone power bank with the capacity of 5000mAh can fully charge smart phones twice, and the charging time of the mobile power itself can be completed within 6 hours or so. Use at night and charge during the day time. It can fully meet the general needs of users.

    Travel: If you are often on a business trip, then I suggest that you choose a power bank for IPhone with the capacity of about 10000mAh, so that ordinary smart phones can be fully charged for about 5-6 times.

Second, is high-capacity ones dangerous?

    A lot of people worry about battery explosion while purchasing power bank for IPhones. In fact, lithium batteries are still very safe in normal use, but in short circuit, high temperature environment, the lithium battery will change, due to the activeness of lithium-ion. Under short circuit and high temperature, the lithium battery is easy to bulge, or even explode. But fortunately, we can see that the lithium batteries are soft packaging, no outside iron casing, it is relatively safe in the normal use.

Third, about the charging time.

    This does not mean the charging time for mobile devices, but the charging time for the power bank for IPhone. When choosing IPhone power bank. You should pay attention to the charging time. For example, for a mobile power with the capacity of 5000mAh, charging with a 1A charger, it would take about 6 hours.

Fourth, the heavier power bank for IPhone is better?

    Weight is considered an indicator of power bank for IPhone quality. Here the weight does not refer to the overall weight of the IPhone power bank, the weight mentioned here is relatively out of comparison. For example, for mobile power products with the same capacity of 6000mAh, in the case of the same material and similar size, the heavier ce power bank is better. Major portable power bank manufacturers, especially small and medium-scale factories would do this. It is very normal that a power bank with the capacity of 4000mAh is marked to 6000mAh. Although we do not have the professional testing tools, but the weight is the most intuitive parameters. As for two IPhone power banks with the same capacity, the lighter one must be with virtual standard capacity.

power bank for IPhone.jpg

So it’s important that we choose the big brands, like that of Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd. As manufactures for power banks and batteries, it is wide-spread among power bank buyers all around the world. And to be noticed, WST has just passed BSCI certificate. Anyway, big brands can guarantee us with good quality products. Never buy low price ones which might do harm to you.