Repair methods for IPhone battery case

- Oct 25, 2017-

Mobile phone is now very widespread, and it is the most frequent used electronic products. But we will feel that the standby time of a IPhone battery case will be shorter and shorter, after  some time use. This is related to the quality of the IPhone battery case and our use habits. Then is there any way that we can recover the IPhone battery case when its standby time becomes shorter? I have sorted out some of the IPhone battery cases repair method, hoping they work for everyone.

Common repair method for IPhone battery cases 

1. Use a clean eraser or other cleaning tools to gently wipe the metal contacts on the lithium IPhone battery case and that on the phone. It would do good to the charging status and power endurance. Principle for this Lithium IPhone battery case repair method: the mental surface of long-time-use lithium IPhone battery case will have certain degree of oxidation, leading to the poor contact between the cell phone IPhone battery case and the phone, and shorten the usage time of the lithium IPhone battery case. Using erasers or other cleaning tools can wipe the rusty material on the surface, so that the contact between the IPhone battery case and the mobile phone can become better.

2. Wrap the old phone lithium  battery case for iphone which has automatically shut down with plastic wrap.  Wrap tightly as you can, and wrap it for total three layers to ensure that the IPhone battery case is in a vacuum state. Then, wrap it with three layers of newspaper outside, so that the lithium IPhone battery case is completely sealed. Put it into the frozen layer of the refrigerator. 48 hours later, take it out.  Remove the six layers of paper wrap outside the lithium IPhone battery case. After cooling for some time, charge it. Low temperature can bring changes to the electrolyte inside the lithium batteries, promoting chemical reaction to the IPhone battery case which has just been frozen. The use process of lithium IPhone battery case is actually a process of charge and discharge. During this period, the negative charge and the positive charge in the IPhone battery case collide with each other. The reason why the IPhone battery case  become more and more useless is that, under the normal room temperature, the electronic internal kinetic energy is relatively large, so the IPhone battery case is at an active state, leakage situation is relatively frequent. However, putting the lithium IPhone battery case into a low temperature environment, the microstructure of the lithium film on the lithium IPhone battery case surface and the electrolyte, and their interface will significantly change, resulting in the temporarily inactive of the IPhone battery case, and the reduction of leakage current. Thus, after the re-charge, the phone's using time can be increased.

3. Let the lithium IPhone battery case which has almost been scrapped discharge completely, and then re-charge and activate the IPhone battery case. The specific method is: completely discharge the mobile phone, that is, achieve a deeper degree of recharging by depleting the internal power, which requires the use of some unconventional methods. With a specific device to connect the phone and a low voltage small bulb, thus the internal power of the IPhone battery case will be transmitted to the small bulb until the IPhone battery case is completely discharge. "The mobile phone need a low voltage to slowly consume its power. Under normal circumstances, when the mobile phone is connected, it will automatically shut down if the rated voltage of the phone is less than 3.6 volts, it." After fully discharged, the IPhone battery case that have been recharged can be used for longer time. 

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IPhone battery cases maintenance

1, In accordance with the standard time and procedures to charge; we should charge in time if the phone is in low power. 

2, Try to avoid bedtime charging, because the bedtime charging time is always longer, and the voltage is instable at night. The voltage in many places is relatively high and have large fluctuations, having great impact on the IPhone battery case.

3, The activation of lithium IPhone battery case does not require special methods. It can naturally be activated in normal use of mobile phones. 

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